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Latest News

15 / 01 / 2021

It’s fair to say that last year was really hard in all possible ways including our last season, It’s impossible to deny how terrible it went and how it possibly hurt deeply your trust in us, this being said we have worked on stop on fixing all the found issues to prevent such terrible things from happening ever again.

This new season brings first of all stability, unlike other seasons this time we decided not to mess anymore with core system re balancements in order to continue our goal to balance the changes already made last season, this time around we bring a list of changes that will impact greatly the progression of our players making it fair for everyone

Solo Dungeons:

As almost everyone knows dungeons have a huge impact in players progression, last era we managed to improved them by increasing the amount of loot boxes you get per dungeon but this wasn’t enough to achieve our goal.
This time we bring important changes to solve this situation:

  1. Tier 1 and tier 2 boxes have been removed from the game, 1k str dungeon will start at tier 3 loot boxes and so on, which means dungeon reward boxes have moved up 2 tiers giving a real feel of progression for players who can handle their stages.

  2. We noticed dungeons are considerably harder for Knights and Druids so this season we have made adjustments inside the dungeons summon system to make it at least 20% easier for said vocations


This has been one of the most requested features to be reworked in a long time so this time around we finally heard you and decided to apply the following changes:

  • Inferno Enchantment:This enchantment no longer deals AOE damage,, but it now focuses a single target dealing a lot of damage to it.Since this enchantment is now single target it now has a considerable higher chance to proc.
  • Blizzard EnchantmentThis enchantment will mark your target with a powerful ice bomb that will explode after 4 seconds, when the ice explosion takes place it will deal more damage based in the amount of creatures found inside the blast area.This enchantment will bring huge benefits for those players who like to hunt while moving, since it can increase by a lot your clearing speed when used right.

  • Divine Guard EnchantmentThe mechanic of this enchantment remains the same but it now increases its damage based on your resistance - protection percent, the higher the multiplier it will have.Due to the mechanic of this enchantment and due to the new damage output it can do when used correctly it will deal 30% less damage when not used by a knight.


Bastions was a huge implementation in our schedule last season, this system is designed to heavily benefit players who actually decide to manually hunt solo or with a team, unfortunately it didn’t achieve the impact that we expected so this time around the following things will happen.

  • Bastion tasks, new tasks npcs are now implementing in bastions rewarding you for completing their tasks.
  • Orbs from all bastion monsters are now able to loot tier equipment boxes.

We intend to keep a close eye into this system, probably enhancing it further in the near future.

Solo Exp vs Party Exp:

The last era we noticed how hard it was for solo players to progress through levels when solo hunting, practically making it impossible to compete against players who team hunt, this time around players hunting without a party will receive 50% more experience and players in parties will receive a slight nerf in their exp gain.

This should allow both teams and solo players to progress fairly when hunting on each style.

Continental Progression:

Last season we implemented a mechanism that allows people to progress through new continents without being forced to complete a continental quest, unfortunately this didn’t fulfill its goal as we intended since teams who were able to complete the quests felt underappreciated and affected due to the competitive part of the game play ending up in toxic behavior due to the unfairness of the situation.

To prevent this problem we have decided that a continent will be unlocked when the player’s beat the mid continent quest.

  • Sandking quest will unlock desert continent for all players if they meet the required str.
  • Winter rage quest will unlock winter continent for all players if they meet the required str.
  • Metrica nightmare quest will unlock metrica continent for all players if they meet the required str.
  • Orr’s Forgotten quest will unlock orr continent for all players if they meet the required str.

While this might feel unfair for some players, please consider that beating this quests requires a lot of resources and effort investment, managing to do so should reward the teams more than it does currently.

Shadow Token Changes:

A lot of our players have complained era after era than shadow tokens are merely useless unless you are on very late game content, this time around to deal with this situation we have implemented a shadow token shop on every continent.

  • Shadow tokens can now be obtained f2p by beating events, through prey task point shop and through world bosses tokens
  • 1 shadow shard can now be trade-able for 2 shadow tokens

Donation Changes:

We have made permanent changes to our donations offers:```

200 usd offer now yields a base of 12 nocturnal tokens instead of 8 and 6 global boosts instead of 4
100 usd offer now yields a base of 6 nocturnal tokens instead of 4 and 3 global boosts instead of 2
50 usd offer now yields a base of 3 nocturnal tokens instead of 2 and 1 global boost.

It will now be possible to purchase shadow tokens through points for a fair price in order to give use to your unused points.

New monthly offers will be implemented.

Quests reward adjustments:

Continental progression has been the core of shadowrealm for quite a while now, unfortunately due to the changes made in recent eras a few quest rewards feel behind to the point of them becoming irrelevant or off-meta this time around we have huge news regarding quest.
Reward adjustments:

  • Temple quest: Instead of the temple set it will now allow you to choose a tier 3 item of your choice.
  • Nocturnia Continental Quest: Instead of the demonic set it will now allow you to choose a tier 4 item of your choice
  • Desert Continental Quest: Instead of a desert set it will now allow you to choose a tier 6 item of your choice.
  • These changes will allow you to unlock a useful item of your choice instead of giving you a set piece that doesnt fit the current meta.

New quest line:

The biggest patch made to date comes in the form of a new huge questline unrelated to continents progression, a total of 5 new quests have been implemented each one with a different difficulty level also the old and forgotten pirate quest has joined this questline with a difficulty and reward revamp.

This new questline provides a different kind of challenge, each quest allows you to progress to the next without the need of having completed any continent quests!

Quest Rewards:
These quests bring a new meta game build to the game, providing different choices to your current tier set build without directly replacing it, becoming more of a choice - situational build


  • Dwarfs City quest (similar in difficulty to cont 1 quest) will allow you to have a chance to loot a dwarven set item.

You see t4 armor (general: Arm:50; resistance all +7; strength +275) (Sorcerer: magic level +4).
You see dwarven armor (general: Arm:50; resistance all +11; strength +325)

  • Dwarven armor provides more resistance than a t4 or even a t5 item without granting any magic levels.
  • Nightmare quest (slightly harder in difficulty to desert cont quest) will allow you to have a chance to loot a hero set piece

You see t6 armor (general: Arm:70; resistance all +11; strength +580) (Sorcerer: magic level +7).
You see hero armor (general: Arm:70; resistance all +9; strength +650) (Sorcerer: magic boost 5%, healing boost 3%).

  • Hero set piece provides less resistance but a magic and healing boost and more str.

Important note: these quests are not like continental quests, they bring new rules to them which are the following.

  1. Quest cd is 20 hrs instead of 48 to 72 hours.
  2. Joining each quest requires a special pass per try.
  3. Rewards of beating the quests work similar to real tibia bosses, you do not have an ensured drop chance of a set item.
  4. Set items can be upgraded or merged with other set pieces but this will remain a secret for your to explore.Some of the new quests not only bring you the rewards mentioned above but also come with a bastion like spawn that can only be accessed through a pass when beating the quest, unlocking places that will reward you far more than the usual zones.

Elemental Emperors Castles - New endgame content

This is a huge huge piece of content that becomes unlocked when beating all 6 quests from the new quests line, this area brings a whole new theme to shadow realm, in here you will have special tasks, new vocation specializations choices (unlocking 1 of 2 spells and other benefits) which can be upgraded further by beating the content.

Elemental emperors castle is bigger than a normal continent, it brings 4 castles (quests), 4 seals (mini quests) and special themed spawns with tasks.

When beating the content you will be able to choose a soul weapon that will progress alongside you, unlocking new abilities as it progress.

Further Changes:

  • Cont 4 spells are now AOE.
  • All veteran monsters from all continents are now properly dropping veteran tokens.
  • Delay when passing to next stage of a dungeon has been lowered to the minimum of 1 second.
  • Paladins HP per level has been increased from 35 to 40
  • Paladins basic attack damage has been increased by 15%
  • Reapers vampire aoe now has a 30% chance to not proc per hit.
  • Completing a task now grants prey cards (amounts depends on the continent)
23 / 09 / 2020

We are happy to announce the official date of Shadow Realm’s new season on Friday 25 (3 days from now), after a long time of feedback and planning we’re happy to say we finally addressed some of the most concerning issues regarding progression that has been constantly an issue during the past 2 seasons.

Here is a list of the most important changes that you will encounter this time around.

1) Dungeons and Arenas reward boost.
On this upcoming season you will be rewarded with 50% more of the usual reward boxes in order to achieve our goal of rewarding manual players far more than just botters.

2) Automatic Orb Gathering System:

Orbs farming has been the meta for atleast a year already, unfortunately the system wasn’t able to achieve its purpose due to constant cheating and macroing, due to that reason in this season we’re deciding to make the system even for everyone removing its heavy impact on the meta of the game.

From now on you will be able to automatically collect orbs within a range of 11 sqms around you by paying an small fee of 2 energy per captured orb, due to this system now being automatic all orbs loot has been lowered in both chance and rewards to compensate for the possible long sessions of afk orb collecting.

3) Changes to tier sets and adjustment of tier items to craft next tier set (from 5 to 4)
First we’d like to say that this time around we are focusing on making tier set progression far more rewarding in sustain and PvM balance, unlike previous seasons where progressing in sets didn’t give an actual feel of being stronger and surviving better while progressing through continents this time around we increased resistance in all of our sets to give our players a far better hunting and questing experience while achieving new set pieces.

4) Changes to upgrading system regarding ring, amulets, ammo slot items and backpacks.

As a complementation of the changes done to tier set we had to perform some important changes to the upgrading system, amulets, rings, ammo slot items and backpacks, from now on they wont follow the same upgrading cycle and equipment items, they are now granting the following cycle benefits when upgrading.

  1. armor = 1
  2. speed = 10
  3. boosthealing = 1%
  4. armor = 1
  5. boostdamage = 1%

5) Improvements of Imbuements
With the same purpose of improving the possible choices of improving your character in different directions than usual we have decided to further boost certain imbuements.

Imbuement Changes (physical/magical dmg %)
Power Imbue
t1 = from 1-1.5 to 1.5-2.4
t2 = from 1.6-2.5 to 2.5-3.4
t3 = from 2.7-3.5 to 4.0-5.4
t4 = from 3.7-4.5 to 6.0 - 7.0

Increase Imbue (HP/MP %)
t1 = 1.0-2.0 to 2.0-3.0
t2 = 2.0-3.0 to 4.0-5.0
t3 = 3.0-4.0 to 6.0-7.0
t4 = 4.0-5.0 to 8.0-9.0

Soulburst Imbues (removed dmg reflect || healing boost/critical dmg)
Healing Boost
t1 = 1.0-1.5 to 2.0-2.6
t2 1.5-2.0 to 3.0-3.6
t3 = 2.0-2.5 to 4.0-4.6
t4 = 3.4-4.0 to 6.0-6.6

Critical Dmg
t1 = 1-1.5
t2= 2-2.5
t3 = 3. 3.5

t4 = 4. 4.5

6) The return of battlefield System

Battlefields was an important project left forgotten in the past but its finally ready to make its return, battlefield system is a huge combat area divided into 3 stages, after beating the first 2 missions you will gain access to an area based on your character stage (4 strength instances) where you will find monsters yielding the best possible orb rewards and highest orbs chance available in the game.

Battlefields are designed for you to power game through the duration of the event while staying active.

7) Continental Bastions (replacing catacombs system)

Bastions are special places in the game which can be only accessed purchasing bastion passes (different per continent), bastion passes provide 1 hour access to hunt in a formidable spawn with increased orb chances/rewards and also far highest exp than any normal spawn in a continent.

Bastions are also designed to power game with your team party, inside bastions you will be able to use special runes related to your vocation and also purchase special boosters for further performance boost while hunting.

8) World Bosses Raids

Last season we managed to create one world boss raid per continent, this time around to further benefit the world boss system we have added a special drop (“world boss tokens”) which amount will be based on the continent in which the world raid is taking place.

World boss tokens will be used to purchase some special offers including some rare cosmetics yielding bonuses or even strength besides the traditional benefit you get by unlocking cosmetics.

9) Changes to power runes.

Many of you have suggested through the eras to give each vocation a more special an unique feel making them different from the other vocations so this time we applied the following changes.

  1. Knight power rune now will provide a progressive resistance boost based on rune upgrades instead of its old effect

  2. Paladin power rune will now provide an attack speed boost based on rune upgrades instead of its old effect

  3. Reaper power rune will now provide a damage boost based on rune upgrades instead of its old effect.

10) Implementation of Prey System and Prey Hunting tasks.
Similar to cipsoft prey system our prey system will allow you to choose between 4 different bonuses when selecting a creature.

  1. Damage Boost against chosen monster.

  2. Resistance bonus against chosen monster.

  3. Orb boost when killing the chosen monster.

  4. Exp boost when killing the chosen monster.

These bonuses will allow you to improving your hunting as far as you please allowing you to better enjoy areas which you would normally not be able to hunt due to it’s difficulty.

Completing prey hunting tasks will grant you prey task points which will be usable at a very special shop with very unique and powerful rewards.

  1. Changes to continental progression based on strength.

Last season we learned that granting players straight access to new continents based solely on their strength didn’t help us to achieve our main purpose so in this season we have decided to change it in the following way.

  1. First a team must complete the continental quest to access next continent

  2. Finishing said quest will trigger a 5 days timer

  3. Once the timer is finished players will be able to access the continent This will provide a benefit to those guilds and players who manage to beat quest, being more fair and actually giving an incentive to work hard to beat quests.

  1. Implementation of hunting tasks on each continent

From this season on you will be able to find daily killing tasks in order to further increase the speed of your progression on each continent.

There is a huge amount of tasks available and each one of them provides loot boxes from completing them.

  1. Implementation of a new multi continent crafting academy.

We also heard your feedback in this subject, we decided to implement a global crafting station which has all continents connected by stairs, this will allow you to easily access the crafting stations you need, this crafting station will also serve you as a shortcut between continents avoiding unnecessary long walks.

Further Changes:
Several bugs were fixed
Several map issues were fixed.

25 / 04 / 2020

Orb Verification Changes:

Since a large amount of players has insisted on abusing external tools to gain advantage over fair players in systems like Orbs, yet again we bring changes to the verification system in which a small random captcha will have to be completed in order to gain orbs.

Furthermore we are glad to announce that exiting the orb screen with the “Esc” key will no longer kill your active orb, you will be able to enter the screen once again as long as the orb remains active.

Last but not least regarding orbs, the verification window duration will be increased from 20 to 30 seconds, not responding in that time will count as a failed answer.

(Note: Besides the verification changes we are still considering implementing the punishment for 5 failed answers in 1 hour, depending on our observations on the upcoming days we will decide if this is neccesary or not)

Monsters AI:

As you may have noticed before, monsters in shadow realm tend to act weirdly when chasing its target or when reacting to fields even if they are immune to them, from now on monsters will react faster so be careful.

Champion Challenge:

While this patch was softly applied previously we are now officially announcing that champion challenges in cont 2, 3, 4 will allow you to invest more kks into your challenge for a more fair reward without monster scalating like crazy.

Note: Champion boxes of higher continents not only yield better loot but also yield increased chances to get champion tokens.

Shared Exp - Party:

We have properly balanced the exp for 4 and 5 man party.
We have extended the distance from players in shared experience from 30 to 50 sqms.

Server Performance:

We made some important changes regarding the lag - freezes some have been experiencing lately, we are hoping with these changes those issues will be resolved.

Further Changes:

  1. Relics can no longer be traded via trade window.
  2. Some Map bugs have been fixed.
  3. T2 winter quest relic can now be crafter in winter city.
  4. Prices in rsc to craft upgrade crystals have been reduced.

Spell changes for knights:

  1. Duration of knight continental spell extended from 4 seconds to 10 seconds (increses a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in sharpedge fury
  3. Damage Increased in Spinning Rage

Spell changes for druids:

  1. Duration of druid continental spell extended from 8 seconds to 12 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in fury of nature spell
  3. Damage Increased Ice tomb spell

Spell changes for Sorcerers:

  1. Duration increased of sorcerer continental spell from 3 seconds to 6 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)

Spell changes for paladins:

  1. Duration increased of paladin continental spell from 4 seconds to 8 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Great divine caldera now hits 3 times instead of 1
  3. Damage of Holy Punishment spell increased
  4. Holy punishment spell is now boosted by physical damage instead of magical

Spell Leveling Changes:

  1. Tera and fire Cannon spells were replaced for Frozen Sanctum Aura and EnergyHell Aura, the points you had invested in them will automatically transfer to the these spells.

Further Changes:

  1. Crafting tools now have their own tab in the crafting stations and new tools have been implemented.
  2. Some error screens and other issues with crafting have been fixed.
  3. Dungeon boxes have been renamed to loot boxes.
  4. Arenas are now granting tier loot boxes as reward.
  5. New crafting boxes have been added to the donor shop (it was suggested several times)
  6. Dungeon - Arena boxes (now called loot boxes) have officially been improved (tier 6 and above
  7. Damage of grim reapers, crystal crushers, crystal golems, frozen wolves, glacier spiders and glacier dragons has been reduced.
  8. Orbs from winter cont 3.5 are no longer droping t2 up crystals
  9. Achievements now properly work for reapers.
  10. Dungeons are now considerably less hard for druids and knights.
  11. Teleporters for conts 2,3,4 were improved to prevent abuse.
06 / 04 / 2020

For Mages:

  1. Mana percent requirement for both sharpedge fury knight spell and spinning rage has been lowered from 15 to 5.

  2. Energy Hell Aura spell now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  3. Frozen Sanctum Aura now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  4. Energy Hell and Frozen Sactum auras are now also dealing ranged damage and dealing 30% more damage.

  5. Glacial Blizzard and Electrical storm now deal 30% more damage and also will always land a hit every spin on their selected target.

For Knights:

  1. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells from knights have been extended in duration

  2. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells now deal 60% more damage

For Paladins:

  1. Arrow fury now lasts longer and deals damage faster.

  2. Holy punishment now deals damage in a larger area and deals 2 more hits.

  3. Great divine caldera damage has been increased in 30%

Further Fixes

  1. Power rune cooldowns should no longer interfere with any spells.
  2. Exiva spell now properly works for reapers.
  3. Orb crafting is now properly working for t7 recipes.
  4. Shared experience for the 5 vocations is now properly working.
  5. Spawn bosses are no longer rewarding halloween points