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Recent Changes (9/26/2018)

Started By GM | 27th Sep 2018 - 03:54 AM

Recent Changes:

  1. Critical damage is now being properly applied to both spells and basic attakcs.
  2. A bug causing any sort of PvP damage to hit 2x on player’s without utamo vita has been fixed.
  3. Continental quest is now displayed in the !quests commands
  4. Nomad spawn has been totally reworked (bigger and better)
  5. Gold veins are now giving the correct item.
  6. The loot of all monsters from west tp room +1 has been boosted by atleast 50%
  7. New continent main room monster’s now yield loot (for more information please check the wiki)
  8. Fixed south door in new continent
  9. New continent dungeon monsters have been considerably nerfed and the boss is now properly spawning.
  10. A bug with lava dungeon teleports was fixed last night.
  11. Inquisition and Continental quest are now available in the quest broadcaster NPC