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Changes 11/23/2018

Started By Administrator | 23rd Nov 2018 - 09:45 PM

In order to further aid the progress of mid level players we have decided to make the following changes:

  • The prices on the monster class shop for ornate items has been changed as shown below:
  1. Equipment price was reduced from 80 to 60 tokens
  2. BP/ring/amulet from 60 to 40 tokens
  3. Weapons from 100 to 75 tokens
  • Further Additions:
  1. One hour experience vouchers for 2x, 1.5x 1.25x and 1.10x have been implemented and will be spread among several systems in the game.
  2. Exotic and legendary stats (mastery) stones are now craftable under the alchemy section.
  3. Imbuement clear vials and catacomb passes have been added to the arena shop.
  4. T1 power rune upgrade crystal and imbuement clear vial have been added to the event shop.
  5. It will no longer possible to use pushing spells inside the zombie event.