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Grand Relaunch

Started By GM | 06th Jan 2019 - 12:49 PM

Relaunch Date 08/January/2019 at 10 AM Pacific Time


Exp: Custom (After level 500 the required experience per level increases exponentially every certain amount of levels)
Skill: 15x
Magic: 5x
Loot: Custom (Special items on all creatures)
Type: Open PvP (Expert PvP available)
Frags to red skull: 8 on a day, 1 frag removed every 4 hours

Hunting Grounds


Regarding hunting grounds we have implemented custom enhanced spawns rates on every creature ingame, this feature is designed to provide a fluent hunting experience even on the most transitated spawns ingame.

Besides the spawning rate we have also implemented a new feature called monster traps which can be found on every spawn, by clicking on this traps you will release the monsters inside resulting on increased monsters and better hunting experience when manual playing.

(To prevent abuses on this system we also implemented a de-spawn feature after 5 minutes to monsters spawned by this system)


Continental Quests

During the past months we noticed an important problem in continental quest which is related to how easy it was for some players to solo the quests without the need of any other player.

Since that problem totally breaks the concept of this system we have decided to enhance the mechanics of every continental quests bosses. From now on each boss will have an increased healing rate plus special spells targeting either players attacking from a considerable range and also for the blocker, these changes will prevent quests to be soloed while keeping a balance.

Mystic Forge Upgrading System

mystic forge.png

On this system we decided change most of the materials required per stage, previously this system was oriented to hardcore farming and grinding which resulted impossible by many players to ever achieving them plus benefiting people using a heavy amount of multi accouns and characters.

Our decision was to highly reduce the materials required plus making the current requirements achievable by doing daily challenges likes dungeons, arenas, world bosses and champion challenges instead of requiring a intense monster farming for days.

Upgrade Crystals System

This system's functionaly remains the same but we have decided to implement crystals upgrading via crafting in order to allow players to make good use of all those low tier upgrades that are no longer useful for them.

We also implemented the drop of tier 2 crystals on several systems like mid-high level spawn bosses, arenas, champion challenge and dungeons.

Mastery Tree System


Masteries system is designed to be a long term progress system ingame allowing you to choose how to enhance specific aspects of your character to be stronger and more effective on the situations you decide, unfortunately a heavy amount of players managed to increase or max their masteries on a very early point of the game due to how easely was to obtain them.

To address the mentioned issue we decided to change the requirements of mastery stones required per stage on all masteries.

 Crafting System

Over time we have implemented the possibility of upgrading all the items used for character upgrading to higher tiers requiring several skills.
Investing on increasing your character crafting skills will result on the very usefull power to upgrade your mastery stones, upgrade crystals and spell stones to higher states.

Item Crafting:
By popular decision we have highly reduced the materials required to craft equipment using this system focusing mostly on doing continental quests to get the requirements instead of the constant non stop grinding.

Overall we have highly improved our crafting interface providing more clear and understandable description of each craftable item.


System Changes

Solo dungeons:

This system was totally reworked, instead of the old system with static levels of every dungeon difficulty, the new system now randomly selects a dungeon for you, each dungeon will read your current level and strength level using that as parameter to match you against monsters that actually will represent a better challenge for you resulting as well in better and more worth rewards as you progress with your character.

Gladiators arena:

Based on your current level and strength level the arena will now automatically adapt the monster levels to your character providing a better challenge and experience, resulting aswell in a better rewards the stronger your are.

Arena boxes rewards were removed from the server, from now on by finishing arena you gain gladiator arena points which can be spent on the gladiator arena shop.

Champion Challenge:

It is now possible to invest larget amount of money for your champion challenge, the more money invested will represend on a higher amount of champion boxes as reward when beating the callenge. The only limitation is your power!


New Systems

Throughout the past two months several new systems have been implemented to the game in order to make your daily life in the server more fun and interesting, our goal is to provide as much fun content as we can to allow you to keep enhancing your character to whatever point you decide!

Fun Events:

Firestorm event: Survive by dodging the fireballs falling from the skies! the last 3 persons to survive are rewarded.

Safe Zone event: Beat your foes into stepping into the protection zone when the mightly powers of nature wreack havoc on unprotected tiles!

Zombie event: Run from the zombies and survive! every person bitten by the zombies die and loose their chance to win!

Snowball War event: Use your dexterity and movement abilities to prevent bein struck by enemy snowballs, last 3 players to survive win!

Guild Events:

King of the Hill: Fight with your enemy guilds in order to conquer the throne! The player from any guild who manages to survive for 5 minutes standing on the throne will unlock a 15% experience bonus for all the members of their guild for 3 hours!

PowerExp Systems:

Battlefields Event: Twice a day the mages of nocturnia open the portals to the battlefields, arenas filled with evil creatures trying to lurk in to the realm of the humans, fight with courage and gain massive amounts of experience for a full hour! (System adapts by reading the levels of all the players inside the event)

Catacombs System: Catacombs are special locations below nocturnia guarded by powerful monsters on crazy amounts yielding heavy amounts of experience, fight them and beat them with your team in order to gain heavy amounts of experience. (one catacomb per continent)

World Boss Raids:

Every 10 hours powerful bosses attempt to destroy the world of the humans, figth their minions and defeat the bosses! Every player who manages to fight and survive the boss fight will be rewarded!?