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Small Patch

Started By GM | 19th Mar 2019 - 10:36 AM

With tonight’s server restart we have deeply enhanced the strength reading function, from now on strength will provide a different value based on your item’s mystic forge rank, the amount of imbuements and imbuement tiers your items are holding, total amount of unlocked outfits and mounts, character level, etc.

Your total strength value most likely has changed.

Other Changes:

  1. World boss raids system has been officially reimplemented, raid will happen randomly every 8-10 hours.

  2. Extraction and lumberjacking skills are now displayed on !myinfo special skills section.

  3. We have considerably reduced the probability of ores turning into different ores when they respawn.

  4. We implemented a lot of trees around the map of nocturnia for lumberjacking and several more mining ores around several spawns.

  5. We have enhanced and increased the amount of fishable tiles in the fishing island.

  6. It is now possible to smelt “sentinel items” into copper items and “ornate items” into silvercrafted items.

  7. Spawn bosses above lvl 500 are now granting boss tokens

  8. The gladiator’s set is now obtainable by finishing pits of inferno quest. (Similar rewarding method as inquisition and continental chests)

  9. POI quest cooldown has been decreased from 44 hrs to 22 hrs.