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Further Changes

Started By GM | 23rd Apr 2019 - 10:06 AM

Here is a list of changes done since the previous patch.

  1. Experience orbs have been removed from the game, Money Orbs have been merged with Item orbs.

  2. The blacksmithing skill requirements to craft tier sets has been reduced from 10/20/50/70/90 to 5/10/20/35/50/65.

  3. We applied a change to prevent monsters from spawning in the entrance of hellfire solo dungeon.

  4. A new npc has been implemented to the crafting academy, this NPC will allow you to trade 2 eq items of the same tier + a fee for any equipment item of your choice of the same tier.(This only works for eq items, not weapons)

  5. Door of annihilator quest is now properly asking for a lvl 350 requirement.