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Quest Points & Shop

Started By GM | 06th May 2019 - 09:20 PM

From now on all quest will be granting a new type of point (quest point) which can be used on the new npc placed in the quest room.

Here is a list of quests and the amount of points they will be granting:

1 Quest Point:

Promo Quest
Third Armor
Third Legs
thid Helmet
third boots

2 Quest Points:

Fourth Weapon

3 Quest Points:

Interdimensional potion quest

4 Quest Points:


1 Epic Quest Point:

Templar quest

2 Epic Quest Points:

Continental quest

The quest seller will sell from tier 1 to tier 3 equipment box for the following prices.

T1 = 1 quest point + 1 veteran token.
T2 = 5 quest points and 5 veteran tokens.
T3 = 1 epic quest point + 2 elites tokens.

Further Changes:

  1. From now on POI will have to be re done every time you pick a reward.

  2. A new npc “Weapons Smith” has been added in the crafting academy, just like the master smith this npc will allow you to trade 2 weapons of the same tier for another weapon of the same tier of your choice.

  3. From now on all the mining veins will automatically transform -rotate every 30 minutes if not mined.

  4. The attack of t4 bows has been adjusted. All t4-t5 items are now granting the correct strength.