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Changes 5/10/2019

Started By GM | 11th May 2019 - 06:40 AM


  1. From now on orbs can only be claimed by using the !orb command.
  2. You will no longer have to stand on the orb, only requirement is to be 5 sqms close to the orb and correctly answer the math question.
  3. You are now able to collect more than one orb at time by using the command.

Arenas - Solo Dungeons:

  1. Both systems are now able to spawn elite and vet monsters.


  1. Previously announced pvp damage rates have been applied (from 10% to 40%)

Map Fixes.

  1. You will no longer get trapped with rune recharge NPC if you are PZ Locked.

  2. You will no longer get trapped in trainers if you are PZ locked.

Other Changes:

  1. The gold requirement in bonus transfers has been reduced.