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Player LVL
1. (online) 1102
2. (online) 1001
3. (online) 960
4. (online) 940
5. (online) 935

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Started By GM | 13th May 2019 - 09:35 AM

  1. Inqui weapons can now be enchanted.
  2. T4 and T5 items can now be traded with the exchange NPCs.
  3. T5 items are now properly working when equiped.
  4. A 10 second delay to pass to the next stage or finish a dungeon has been implemented.
  5. It will now take the game 5 seconds to kick you after finishing an arena.

Fair warning: In the next patch orbs will receive an adjustment which will prevent the incorrect answer issue when actually providing the right answer to the math question to happen, in addition orbs will be destroyed if you answer incorrectly.