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Traits System

Started By GM | 18th Jun 2019 - 12:31 AM

Today we are glad to announce that our new progression system that goes by the name “Traits System” has been implemented.

Traits are similar to masteries but continent oriented, you can further upgrade your character bonuses by increasing the traits of your choice.


  1. To access the traits system window use the command !traits.
  2. On every continent (from desert to above) you will find trait stones which can be looted from monster orbs.
  3. Depending on your current progress stage of a trait you might require a higher tier of trait stone to keep progressing.
  4. The higher the continent the better tier of trait points you can get.
  5. You can find tasks NPCs on every spawn (of desert continent and above) which will reward you with trait points (amount based on monster difficulty)
  6. NPC Tasks are non repeatable.
  7. You can reset/clear a trait if you have a trait clear potion in your backpack, by doing so your tier trait points will be refunded.

Note: You will need 1 trait clear potion for every stage your trait currently has.

Further Changes:

  1. Mystic forge sigils are now craftable in the Alchemy Station.
  2. Alchemy skill required to craft backpacks has been reduced.