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Changes 7/1/2019

Started By GM | 02nd Jul 2019 - 06:18 AM

Within this patch the following things happened:

  1. Orbs will no longer bug if you cast the command and move.
  2. Dungeon monsters received a 5-7% damage and health nerf.
  3. Dungeons will now reward more gold.
  4. Several bugs in winterhold continent were fixed.

Changes Introduced yesterday:

  1. An error on t10 dungeon boxes where they were giving t2 eq boxes instead of t3 has been fixed.
  2. The 10 second delay between dungeon stages and dungeon end has been reimplemented. (to avoid loosing orbs)
  3. Adjusted possible dungeon rewards. (For more details see the post in our discord)
  4. Dungeons window has received some changes. First stage of all dungeons should now spawn more monsters.