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Recent Fixes and Changes

Started By GM | 18th Aug 2019 - 12:02 AM

  1. Warlocks have been removed from a low level quest.
  2. An issue with the global boosts command not displaying the active boosts was fixed.
  3. T3 staff is now properly equipable by players of lvl 300.
  4. Tasks NPCs Guardian Agnes, Lacie, Oswald, Oz and Reim are now properly rewarding the correct upgrade crystal.
  5. From now on if a player kills a monster with half his level he will no longer be able to drop any orbs from it to prevent low level spawn farming.
  6. We have adjusted the arena monster’s damage and scaling to fit better with the strength difficulties.
  7. Monsters in arena or dungeons will now drop orbs even if they are half your level.
  8. Damage of monsters in dungeons has been adjusted (just like arenas) in order to fit better with the strength difficulties.
  9. We have considerably boosted the shared experience bonus for full parties (4 members different vocs)
  10. New alchemy recipes have been implemented and a few others have been adjusted.
  11. All the reported magic traps are now working. It is now possible to spawn veteran monsters out of magic traps.
  12. A level 200 restriction has been implemented to join the king of the hill event.