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New world boosts

Started By GM | 23rd Aug 2019 - 12:16 PM

We have implemented the following new global boosts:

  1. 2x dungeon rewards [1 Hour]
  2. 2x arena rewards [1 Hour]
  3. 20% extra crafting experience [30 mins]
  4. 2x mining and lumberjacking gathering [1 Hour]
  5. 25% champion challenge loot [1 Hour]

As suggested by many players, we have temporarily implemented global boost scrolls in our points shop and shadow coins shop.

For the moment these scrolls will be available for 3 days and based on the results we gather during this time we will decide if they will stay in those shops for more time or if they will be removed.

Note: Values of the new boosts are still subject to change.