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Update 09/01/2019

Started By GM | 02nd Sep 2019 - 12:56 AM

As previously announced today’s patch has been released and a new client is now required to log in.

You can download the client automatically with our auto updater or you can download the client directly through the website’s download section.

Besides the previously announced features of this patch we decided to also implement the following changes:

  1. We have increased considerably the amount of monsters in the following spawns:
  • Larvas
  • Lost souls
  • Undead Gladiators
  • Wyrms
  • Vampires
  • Djinns
  • Beholders
  • Ancient Scarabs
  • Drillworms
  • Undead dragons
  • Asuras
  • Grim reapers
  1. We have increased further the orbs chance of east and west desert continent monsters and the loot of west desert continent orbs.

  2. We have considerably enhanced the loot of champion orbs of desert continent monsters