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Patch Notes 9/12/2019

Started By GM | 12th Sep 2019 - 11:42 AM

Due to the unfortunate downtime we have enabled 5 hours of global boosts.

Further Boosts will be enabled added today at 3pm PT

Game Patch Notes: To prevent nocturnal items to grow useless compared to other better tier rings/amulets/backpacks we have introduced a way to craft higher tiers somewhere in the desert city.

Client Patch Notes:

After a long long time we’re glad to bring you an update oriented to the client, first of all we are introducing a feature which will allow you to filter what effects you’d like to see

We highly recommend to keep “Monsters” effects enabled otherwise you could die by an monster mechanic.

On today’s patch we also implemented a new important feature to the game. Relics inventory, relics inventory behaves similar to your equipment slots (armor, legs, boots), in here you will be able to place a new kind of items Relics which can increase your strength and boost your character further

Relics will be obtainable from new upcoming quests and also from some yet unexplored quests in the winter continent

Reworked Buttons:

We are also glad to announce that we have updated the buttons of the client [Currently disabled for maintainance]

In these reworked buttons you will be able to open the spell progress window, quests cooldowns window, spawn bosses window, traits window (continental progress) and leaderboard. [Currently disabled for maintainance]

Last but not least we have also fixed a very old and annoying issue related to the actions bars displaying incorrect cooldowns of spells