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Patch Notes 9/17/2019

Started By GM | 18th Sep 2019 - 07:41 AM

  1. A bug on t7 and t8 shields giving flat health value instead of health percent has been fixed. Please bonus transfer off/on to get the issue fixed.
  2. T8 set now has its proper level requirement
  3. An issue making some boosts on champion challenge has been fixed.
  4. Rewards from dungeons 13-14k difficulties have been improved
  5. 20 New instances have been added to champion challenge
  6. 15-18 new dungeon instances have been implemented.
  7. Legendary spells will have their damage reduced by half in PvP.
  8. Several map bugs are now fixed.
  9. An issue related to the recent nerf of legendary spells also affecting damage to monsters has been fixed.

Changes to PvP

  1. All PvP damage will be reduced by half. [Now Live]
  2. Frags to get red skull will be reduced from 10 to 5
  3. If your killer has 25% more strength than you, your death loss will be reduced by 25%
  4. If you killer has 50% more strength thay you, your death loss will be reduced by 50%

As a reminder, Red skulls in this server dont lose any items but they sufferer a far harsher death loss (Experience lost) when dying.
Black skulls still dont lose items but experience lost is far worse on dying and they are not allowed to engage in PvP anymore.

Equipment boxes on crafting.

Today we have implemented equipment boxes in crafting, you can find t2 to t4 eq boxes in the first continent crafting zone, t5 on desert continent (arena -1) and t6 and t7 on winter continent.

New jewelcraft recipes gold based.

A new way to craft upgrade crystals and spell crystals has been implemented. You can find the crafting machine on the bank in first continent, on arena -1 in desert continent and on winter workshop