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Patch Notes 9/21/2019

Started By GM | 21st Sep 2019 - 09:25 PM

Today’s patch brings an important amount of fixes to the functionality of our client.

It will now be possible for you to craft more than 1 item at time depending on the materials you are currently holding.

It will now be possible for you to control how fast you want your healing items to be used (in miliseconds)

You will now be able to control how fast you want runes to attack (in miliseconds)

Client buttons are now properly working.

Bot Conditions can be saved now.

An issue which allowed to exceed mastery limit under some circumstances has been fixed.

It will no longer be possible to move when a modal window is open (to avoid the modal windows bugging)

IMPORTANT: Due to the bot functionality changes your previous saved files will no longer work, you will need to create new ones.