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Halloween Event

Started By GM | 05th Oct 2019 - 11:09 PM

  1. Monsters will randomly spawn “Tormented Ghosts” which will always yield an orb with halloween coins.
  2. Spawn bosses (above monsters of level 400) are now yielding halloween points when defeated.
  3. World Raids will happen every 8-10 hours, participating in a raid and beating its boss will reward a considerable amount of halloween points and even equipment boxes.
  4. NPC Noctis Lucis has spawned in Nocturnia’s temple bringing his special offers to you. (offer list soon to be expanded)
  5. You can deposit your halloween coins into your halloween points balance by using the command !deposit halloween,all or !deposit halloween, amount
  6. During this event random spooky effects will appear on your screen!

Special Donation Promo:

We will be hosting a special donation promo from Today October 5 until October 10 at 11pm Pacific Time.

During this time all donations will yield 50% extra nocturnal tokens and world boost scrolls.

2 New offers have also been implemented to the donation shop.