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Arena Changes

Started By GM | 22nd Oct 2019 - 12:15 PM

Just as it was mentioned on upcoming changes, an important patch for arenas has been released and contains the following changes:

  1. Max player limit is now 4.
  2. You will only get rewarded with arena points by finishing arena.
  3. Arena creatures will yield the same orbs as the continent where they are located. (main room desert for arena 2 and first part winter cont for arena 3) with a slightly increased orb rate.
  4. A new item arena doll has been implemented to the arena shop.

Arena dolls can be upgraded from tier 1 to a max of tier 6

Arena dolls attributes:

T1: 10 armor, 2% cd reduction, 2% orb finding, 1% protection all, 2% boost healing and 200 str
T2: 20 armor, 3% cd reduction, 3% orb finding, 2% protection all, 4% boost healing and 400 str
T3: 30 armor, 4% cd reduction, 4% orb finding, 4% protection all, 6% boost healing and 700 str
T4: 40 armor, 5% cd reduction, 5% orb finding, 5% protection all, 8% boost healing and 1000 str
T5: 50 armor, 7% cd reduction, 7% orb finding, 7% protection all, 10% boost healing and 1300 str
T6: 60 armor, 10% cd reduction, 10% orb finding, 10% protection all, 12% boost healing and 1700 str


Only T1 arena doll are purchaseable on all arena shops for the following prices.

T1 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 100 points
T2 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 50 points
T3 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 25 points
T4 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 5 points (fourth continent)

Just like all the other items arena dolls require 5 of the same tier to be upgraded to next tier.

Doll crafting can be found on equipment craft in first continent and in the crafting station of cont 2 and 3.