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Vocation Balancements

Started By GM | 06th Apr 2020 - 02:17 AM

For Mages:

  1. Mana percent requirement for both sharpedge fury knight spell and spinning rage has been lowered from 15 to 5.

  2. Energy Hell Aura spell now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  3. Frozen Sanctum Aura now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  4. Energy Hell and Frozen Sactum auras are now also dealing ranged damage and dealing 30% more damage.

  5. Glacial Blizzard and Electrical storm now deal 30% more damage and also will always land a hit every spin on their selected target.

For Knights:

  1. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells from knights have been extended in duration

  2. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells now deal 60% more damage

For Paladins:

  1. Arrow fury now lasts longer and deals damage faster.

  2. Holy punishment now deals damage in a larger area and deals 2 more hits.

  3. Great divine caldera damage has been increased in 30%

Further Fixes

  1. Power rune cooldowns should no longer interfere with any spells.
  2. Exiva spell now properly works for reapers.
  3. Orb crafting is now properly working for t7 recipes.
  4. Shared experience for the 5 vocations is now properly working.
  5. Spawn bosses are no longer rewarding halloween points