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Further Balancement and Changes

Started By GM | 17th Apr 2020 - 12:14 AM

Spell changes for knights:

  1. Duration of knight continental spell extended from 4 seconds to 10 seconds (increses a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in sharpedge fury
  3. Damage Increased in Spinning Rage

Spell changes for druids:

  1. Duration of druid continental spell extended from 8 seconds to 12 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in fury of nature spell
  3. Damage Increased Ice tomb spell

Spell changes for Sorcerers:

  1. Duration increased of sorcerer continental spell from 3 seconds to 6 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)

Spell changes for paladins:

  1. Duration increased of paladin continental spell from 4 seconds to 8 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Great divine caldera now hits 3 times instead of 1
  3. Damage of Holy Punishment spell increased
  4. Holy punishment spell is now boosted by physical damage instead of magical

Spell Leveling Changes:

  1. Tera and fire Cannon spells were replaced for Frozen Sanctum Aura and EnergyHell Aura, the points you had invested in them will automatically transfer to the these spells.

Further Changes:

  1. Crafting tools now have their own tab in the crafting stations and new tools have been implemented.
  2. Some error screens and other issues with crafting have been fixed.
  3. Dungeon boxes have been renamed to loot boxes.
  4. Arenas are now granting tier loot boxes as reward.
  5. New crafting boxes have been added to the donor shop (it was suggested several times)
  6. Dungeon - Arena boxes (now called loot boxes) have officially been improved (tier 6 and above
  7. Damage of grim reapers, crystal crushers, crystal golems, frozen wolves, glacier spiders and glacier dragons has been reduced.
  8. Orbs from winter cont 3.5 are no longer droping t2 up crystals
  9. Achievements now properly work for reapers.
  10. Dungeons are now considerably less hard for druids and knights.
  11. Teleporters for conts 2,3,4 were improved to prevent abuse.