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New Season 27/03/2022

Started By GM | 17th Aug 2022 - 04:06 AM

Hello. After the most successful season, which was the last one surely was, we are coming back with redoubled strength. We’re glad to be quite happy with the direction the server is taking recently. We’ve been working on improving many game systems and adding new ones. The biggest changes have affected our wiki, among others, but we have also added a new playable profession - Shooter. Also new is the option to solo Continental Quests.

The most important changes are listed below:

New vocation - Shooter

A new physical damage dealing vocation focused on ranged attacks with powerful spell combos, also the only one vocation able to dualwield weapons. But great power comes with some cons as well, among them is the weakest survability of all vocations, but also lower health pool than other physical damage vocations. This vocation is strongly focused on great damage, but with well thought build it can be both great damage dealer as well as pretty good tanker.

Scaling solo quests

A new huge system will allow solo players to face a version of the mid continental and continental quests with a new ever scaling mechanic (making all quests harder after a point), this feature will reward different than a normal quest, bringing a new progression mechanism.

Note: Since this is the first season of this feature, we have decided for it to allow quest runs only of quest 3.5 and above.

Continent 6 - Orario- released

Brings new challenges, tasks, quests as well as new t16 equipment and hardcore version of Frontline Battlegrounds.

Jewel Shop

After all these years a subject that continues to come to the discussion table is “how little useful is the donor points shop”, “how OP, p2w and expensive the nocturnal shop is” so after countless hours of discussion we came up with a hybrid shop which mixes both donation and ingame progress currency into a powerful and extensive shop which plenty of offers.

End of unreachable benefits

With this shop, the unreachable cosmetics like past pre season offers and huge game boosters like halloween relics will now be achievable ingame, this will allow players to have a chance to fight back at a point with players who gained the items by legacy.

Note: Players who own these offers as legacy will continue to get them back automatically like always.

Doorboosters offers of an era will remain exclusive for donors on the season. (which means that season offers will not be available in the jewel shop).

Ways to farm jewels:

The new currency for this shop “jewels” will be achievable ingame through continental/side quests and events (with increased values on our brand new PvP tournaments), we hope for this addition to bring a lot of movement to all quests which will result in help for plenty of new and solo players.

Jewels are accountbound and can’t be traded.

Note: You can also get those jewels trough donation on our main site.

Brand new webpage design

After few years of old design, we decided to update the look of our site to please old as well as new players.

Further changes include:

  1. Elites and Champions are now looting a brand new currency exclusive for cont 6 and above.
  2. Now you can upgrade your equipment up to 120 level, thanks to newly added t8 upgraders.
  3. Added new rarity unlockers/revokers for amulets and rings.
  4. All veteran orbs from 5.5 continent are now giving the right amount of vet tokens.
  5. All outfits/mounts/wings from shops are now giving their correct attributes.
  6. Orr WB seller is back on its shift.
  7. Finally prey select monster list shows the right amount of prey cards needed (5)
  8. HP/MP should be totally restored instead of reduced when advancing level.
  9. Cont 6 creatures have been added to prey lists.
  10. Money orbs have been added in cont 6.
  11. A new automatic mechanism which will grant all players spells and access up to cont 5 upon login 40 days after release date has been implemented.
  12. Updated highscores page with new category filters, such as strength and scythe fighting.
  13. After beating cont quest 2, ricochet spell will now bounce up to 10 times instead of 4.
  14. After beating cont quest 3, artillery spell will cast 8 bullet rains instead of 4.
  15. Power rune (explosive rounds) upgrades will reduce the HP taken per hit.
  16. After beating cont dream courts quest, galting fever will only reduce 4 resistance instead of 10 and will boost 45% physical instead of 15%.
  17. Wiki got an overhaul and should be up to date.
  18. Nocturnal shards have been removed from the game but they will continue to come back to you as shadow shards every season. The shop has been removed completely.… and more.