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Less than 1 minute ago
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Star Rebirth / Prestige System
Posted by: Ghostx - 10-07-2019, 10:37 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Originally posted in Council a while ago but as things get lost and as per GM's recommendation:

New Idea:

Each continent causes a rebirth for the player. They keep stats etc but "reset" level back to level 8 (or have a rebirth level similar to 'awakening levels') and have access to the new continent. Once you rebirth, you gain a title to reflect the rebirth you are i.e. You see Ghostx. He is a Royal Paladin [Master], [Epic], [Heroic], [Legendary], [Mega], [Godly], etc. This can maybe give some small passive buff to something idk what - maybe increased exp rate? regen buff, new spell?

There can be a generic rebirth quest that works like a guild dung or smth where it scales on the team that enter with a large cd or smth and once completed, you get an item that will rebirth you or have an npc at the end that will rebirth you and give you access to a certain continent so the npc increases your access level to suit the next continent. Cool down means you can redo the quest and help others to clear it but wont be able to skip conts or anything

This also shouldn't affect equip etc so you can keep your upgraded items and level req shouldn't be affected on a rebirthed character but gives a new reason to progress and even gives a feeling of progression because your level keeps resetting

With the new req for str and level req for conts you can implement this still and maybe have a level rq for the rebirth quest each time you do it so like level 800 first, 1500 2nd time, 2000 3rd etc

you could retro add this so current players with cont 2 access can do a rebirth with an npc in the temple? and go from there

any variations can work - this is a rough idea but it would certainly keep a lot of the higher players more active since there would always be progression or the feeling of progression and it gives something to work for

hp/mana on rebirth maybe keeps a % of original so it slowly builds up without having ridiculous hp/mana by cont 4/5

maybe have these passives: (passives stack) Huh

First rb: [Elder] - 2% Heal Boost
2nd rb: [Master] - 1% phys prot
3rd rb: [Epic] - 10% exp boost
4th rb: [Heroic] - 1000 hp/mana regen per 3 secs
5th rb: [Legend] - +5 skills
6th rb: [Mega] - +3% damage boost
7th rb: [God] - 3% heal boost
8th rb: [Shadow] - New spell Upgrades / new spell?

You see yourself. You are an elder druid [Rank: Elder]

You see yourself. You are a master sorcerer [Rank: Master]

You see yourself. You are an elite Knight [Rank: Mega]

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  Rotate orbs between party members
Posted by: Take the L - 09-29-2019, 06:33 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Hi, I am L.

As the orb system is currently the mainstream way to grind for most of the important stuff in the game, there is a problem when it comes to orb gathering while partied. After a few observations it is possible to inquire that a player needs to meet one of the two criteria in order to get an orb, which are: 1) deal most damage to the monster; and 2) deal last hit to the monster.

Given this, it is clear that when party hunting the ones with the most damage potential and/or last hit potential will get most if not all orbs in the teamhunt, leaving the rest of the party with few or even no orbs.

Making orbs rotate between party members (an elligible player must at least deal damage to the monster) would make it fair for everyone, avoiding this kind of issue.

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  Improve cont 1 progression
Posted by: Take the L - 09-29-2019, 05:59 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Hi, I am L.

As most of us got access to cont 2 and 3, it becomes clear that there is a quite big discrepancy between continent progress. Being in cont 1 as it is right now is extremely tiring and the progress does not feel right, which makes new players feel frustrated and maybe even quit as they try to craft some gear in order to advance to further continents. New players usually can hit level 800 quite fast which results in a new player batch with t3/inquisition set inside continent 2. 

Providing a more smooth progression in the first continent would allow new players to feel more motivated to play the game.

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Video Revamp/Rework the arrow furry spell for pally
Posted by: green999 - 09-29-2019, 05:27 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Avians here.

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who has noticed it. The arrow furry spell for pally (utumun mas con) is pretty bad for some reasons on some ocassions. For exemple, when you are surrounded by 8 mobs or standing in a corner or a wall, the spell will hit maybe 4-5 times max and sometimes less than that. But when you are soloing 1 mobs, the spell is working absolutely great...hitting like 25x or whatever. 

I'm not sure of the exact mecanic of the spell but when the player is surrounded by 8 mobs, the spell is supposed to 100% focus on the targeted mobs and still supposed to hit the other mobs around no ? ... like maybe 50% on the mobs around ? ...i'm not sure here. Anyway, right now it's totally trash. That's why i suggested a new spell for pally just like arrow repel without the push effect but with a way lower cooldown on it...

Took 2 videos with my cell phone to show ...  

with 8 monsters around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1bJVLg0XQk  

In a corner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFinryO4g_k

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Information Adjust crafted ammo slot resistance values.
Posted by: Knight - 09-27-2019, 10:36 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

In game character name: Knight

Test made with 42+ Ascendant values
Topic: Adjust the resistance values of the crafted ammo slot.
Reasons: The current ammo slot that can be crafted at the woodcrafting machine has just an increased % damage percent and regeneration gains
What i am proposing is an increased gain that can be coherent with the progression of the game, for example from ammo slot tier 1 to tier 4 the same values are kept

Arm: 28
Resistance: 7%
Speed: 35

Right now the current value that is increased with each tier is strenght which goes like this
T1: 100 -> T2: 200 -> T3: 300 -> T4: 400 

Proposal: Increase at least the Arm and Resistance values with each tier

T1 Arm 28, Resistance 7%
T2 Arm 38, Resistance 8%
T3 Arm 48, Resistance 9%
T4 Arm 58, Resistance 10%
T5 Arm 68, Resistance 11%

This is just to keep up with the defensive penalties that currently exist when you achieve certain resistance tiers.

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  Improve Ingame Shop
Posted by: Daftzy - 09-26-2019, 08:48 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Due to the lack of use to in game points besides addons/mounts, some stamina and exp boost, there's only stuff worthy of the first 10-15 days of server after a new era, so I'd stronggly suggest to apply a reléase of donor shop "tier2" after -x- period of time, depending on the server situation (highest str and progress overall) this tier 2 shop Will contain tier 2 gold boxes, and also masterys t1 and upgrades t2, this according to the current shop, so new players can catch up by the current shoping mechanic "pay to fast" so they Will pay to "catch up" to some strenght, as example, the right momment when the avg strenght is mainly using red upgrades, you realease the t2 on shop, and so on, this with the purpose to keep the server alive with donations and giving the opportunity to new players to give a better use to their points and the current ones to find more stuff for shop points (i mean at the end this ítems are buyeable with rsc in game aswell so why not - at least the upg t2)

also Will be awesome to introduce new ítems to the shop that doesnt affect the game play like the nocturnial ones atm, they imo are such a p2w mechanic and its kinda disgusting..
I'd suggest to implement a higher vol backpack, and infinite food, a doll that allows u to transform into any mob (utevo res ina mechanic), a forever blessing ítem, a name change ítem, a gender change iteem,  the 3 gadgets (whack driller of fate, sneaky stabber of elitness, squeezing gear of girl power) any of this ítems Will improve a bit the in game donations, and wont affect the p2w or pay 2 fast mechanic.

Also as for refunding  of past donations id change the mechanic and give back only for the donation made last era, lets say if u donate 100 usd era 1, u can get 100 usd worth of donation era 2, but no era 3, on era 3 u would get what ever u donated era 4, and so on, for example all the donations been done this era would be refunded next era only, and erase era 1,2,3 for that "refund"
maybe that Will help also to have a better income of recent donations and the server itself

ofc by doing this, the in game shop needs to improve, and the current nocturnial boost should be buyeable with points as example if this mechanic is applied

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  Increase spawn ratio of trees T4 and T5
Posted by: Knight - 09-25-2019, 08:46 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Hello, Knight here

Ill go straight to the point, i've been lumberjacking for some hours and noticed something, the spawn ratio of trees T4 are incredibly low, i believe a slight change in the configuration should improve things.

Also T5 trees once spawned get stuck, they dont rotate.

Pic showing wood gathered so you have an idea how's it going and yeah, thats only 1 T4 tree lumnberjacked in all of that.

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  Suggestions Rules
Posted by: GM - 09-23-2019, 11:13 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

From now on this board will be used to post all suggestions you have in mind.


1. Place your ingame name

2. Elaborate your suggestion and explain why you consider it should be implemented.

3. Be as clear as possible.

4. If your suggestion gets rejected do not post it again or it will be deleted.

5. Respect other people's opinion, if you are disrespectful your messages will be deleted or your account may end up banned.

6. New rules may be added at any time without further notice.

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