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Improve Ingame Shop - Daftzy - 09-26-2019

Due to the lack of use to in game points besides addons/mounts, some stamina and exp boost, there's only stuff worthy of the first 10-15 days of server after a new era, so I'd stronggly suggest to apply a reléase of donor shop "tier2" after -x- period of time, depending on the server situation (highest str and progress overall) this tier 2 shop Will contain tier 2 gold boxes, and also masterys t1 and upgrades t2, this according to the current shop, so new players can catch up by the current shoping mechanic "pay to fast" so they Will pay to "catch up" to some strenght, as example, the right momment when the avg strenght is mainly using red upgrades, you realease the t2 on shop, and so on, this with the purpose to keep the server alive with donations and giving the opportunity to new players to give a better use to their points and the current ones to find more stuff for shop points (i mean at the end this ítems are buyeable with rsc in game aswell so why not - at least the upg t2)

also Will be awesome to introduce new ítems to the shop that doesnt affect the game play like the nocturnial ones atm, they imo are such a p2w mechanic and its kinda disgusting..
I'd suggest to implement a higher vol backpack, and infinite food, a doll that allows u to transform into any mob (utevo res ina mechanic), a forever blessing ítem, a name change ítem, a gender change iteem,  the 3 gadgets (whack driller of fate, sneaky stabber of elitness, squeezing gear of girl power) any of this ítems Will improve a bit the in game donations, and wont affect the p2w or pay 2 fast mechanic.

Also as for refunding  of past donations id change the mechanic and give back only for the donation made last era, lets say if u donate 100 usd era 1, u can get 100 usd worth of donation era 2, but no era 3, on era 3 u would get what ever u donated era 4, and so on, for example all the donations been done this era would be refunded next era only, and erase era 1,2,3 for that "refund"
maybe that Will help also to have a better income of recent donations and the server itself

ofc by doing this, the in game shop needs to improve, and the current nocturnial boost should be buyeable with points as example if this mechanic is applied