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Adjust crafted ammo slot resistance values. - Knight - 09-27-2019

In game character name: Knight

Test made with 42+ Ascendant values
Topic: Adjust the resistance values of the crafted ammo slot.
Reasons: The current ammo slot that can be crafted at the woodcrafting machine has just an increased % damage percent and regeneration gains
What i am proposing is an increased gain that can be coherent with the progression of the game, for example from ammo slot tier 1 to tier 4 the same values are kept

Arm: 28
Resistance: 7%
Speed: 35

Right now the current value that is increased with each tier is strenght which goes like this
T1: 100 -> T2: 200 -> T3: 300 -> T4: 400 

Proposal: Increase at least the Arm and Resistance values with each tier

T1 Arm 28, Resistance 7%
T2 Arm 38, Resistance 8%
T3 Arm 48, Resistance 9%
T4 Arm 58, Resistance 10%
T5 Arm 68, Resistance 11%

This is just to keep up with the defensive penalties that currently exist when you achieve certain resistance tiers.