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Rebirth / Prestige System
Originally posted in Council a while ago but as things get lost and as per GM's recommendation:

New Idea:

Each continent causes a rebirth for the player. They keep stats etc but "reset" level back to level 8 (or have a rebirth level similar to 'awakening levels') and have access to the new continent. Once you rebirth, you gain a title to reflect the rebirth you are i.e. You see Ghostx. He is a Royal Paladin [Master], [Epic], [Heroic], [Legendary], [Mega], [Godly], etc. This can maybe give some small passive buff to something idk what - maybe increased exp rate? regen buff, new spell?

There can be a generic rebirth quest that works like a guild dung or smth where it scales on the team that enter with a large cd or smth and once completed, you get an item that will rebirth you or have an npc at the end that will rebirth you and give you access to a certain continent so the npc increases your access level to suit the next continent. Cool down means you can redo the quest and help others to clear it but wont be able to skip conts or anything

This also shouldn't affect equip etc so you can keep your upgraded items and level req shouldn't be affected on a rebirthed character but gives a new reason to progress and even gives a feeling of progression because your level keeps resetting

With the new req for str and level req for conts you can implement this still and maybe have a level rq for the rebirth quest each time you do it so like level 800 first, 1500 2nd time, 2000 3rd etc

you could retro add this so current players with cont 2 access can do a rebirth with an npc in the temple? and go from there

any variations can work - this is a rough idea but it would certainly keep a lot of the higher players more active since there would always be progression or the feeling of progression and it gives something to work for

hp/mana on rebirth maybe keeps a % of original so it slowly builds up without having ridiculous hp/mana by cont 4/5

maybe have these passives: (passives stack) Huh

First rb: [Elder] - 2% Heal Boost
2nd rb: [Master] - 1% phys prot
3rd rb: [Epic] - 10% exp boost
4th rb: [Heroic] - 1000 hp/mana regen per 3 secs
5th rb: [Legend] - +5 skills
6th rb: [Mega] - +3% damage boost
7th rb: [God] - 3% heal boost
8th rb: [Shadow] - New spell Upgrades / new spell?

You see yourself. You are an elder druid [Rank: Elder]

You see yourself. You are a master sorcerer [Rank: Master]

You see yourself. You are an elite Knight [Rank: Mega]
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