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Latest News

05 / 11 / 2018

To make the halloween event more enjoyable for everyone we have decided to implement the following bags to our donor shop

These bags can also be obtained in the extration mechanic of elite or champion monsters and in the halloween raids!

05 / 11 / 2018

We are very happy to announce that today a big milestone for our project has been achieved.

With the release of our client launcher (auto updater) we have finally reached a very important point of stability that we were seeking to reach since the launching of our server.

With this client feature we will finally be able to provide everyone faster and more efficient updates without causing many troubles by forcing everyone to manually download a new client build.

You can download the shadow launcher installer in the section downloads.

02 / 11 / 2018

Recent Changes:

  1. Solo dungeons will reward halloween points based on the dungeon and difficulty

  2. Arena will reward halloween points based on the difficulty

  3. Monster Orbs system are now working for monsters up to lvl 1050 (Any “item” orb class will reward candied which can be traded with a new NPC in the temple for halloween points)

  1. Monster Extraction Mechanic will reward candies based on the monster class and range.

  1. Candies can be exchanged with NPC Noctis Lucis in the depot for halloween points (5 candies = 1 point)

  1. You can check your halloween points using the command !myinfo under the section MISC(edited)

  • Candies can be sold or traded while halloween points are player bound (non tradeable)

  • New features regarding halloween including the halloween shop will be added later today

Edit: 2/11/2018

  1. Killing spawn bosses above level 200 will reward you will halloween points.

  2. Halloween shop is now available and can be accessed by using the word “shop” to NPC Noctis Lucis

Important Information:
Remember that to enjoy this event you require to download the latest client version found in the downloads section.

01 / 11 / 2018

To login to the server, you will need the latest client. Please check the downloads page.

The client contains a lot of changes in this patch, we will be testing the stability while softly introducing the halloween patch.

Client Enhancements and new features:

  • Analytics Implemented

  • Masteries window remodeled and enhanced

  • New character Stats window

  • New achievement systems & window implemented

  • You can now modify game settings without having to login

  • Hotkey presets are introduces allowing you to add different configs to use with different characters.

  • Crafting window introduces descriptions in a better way.

  • You can now find mini-wiki to get a quick access to the online wiki.

  • Last but not least the whole UI is now robust and is clear to the eye.

Important Information:
You now require the newest client to log in.

Recent Changes:

  1. Critical damage is now being properly applied to both spells and basic attakcs.
  2. A bug causing any sort of PvP damage to hit 2x on player’s without utamo vita has been fixed.
  3. Continental quest is now displayed in the !quests commands
  4. Nomad spawn has been totally reworked (bigger and better)
  5. Gold veins are now giving the correct item.
  6. The loot of all monsters from west tp room +1 has been boosted by atleast 50%
  7. New continent main room monster’s now yield loot (for more information please check the wiki)
  8. Fixed south door in new continent
  9. New continent dungeon monsters have been considerably nerfed and the boss is now properly spawning.
  10. A bug with lava dungeon teleports was fixed last night.
  11. Inquisition and Continental quest are now available in the quest broadcaster NPC