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Player LVL
1. (online) 1039
2. (online) 961
3. (online) 939
4. (online) 910
5. (online) 890

Latest News

24 / 08 / 2018

Recent changes.

  1. Xlogged characters will now be automatically kicked out of the game after 5 minutes.
  2. We temporarily removed the max MC restriction (active connections).
  3. We changed trainers functionality (and location)
  4. The training area is now non pvp
  5. Mystic forge now properly displays the required materials for exotic rank

These changes are some of the steps we have taken towards a permanent fix againts the lag issue.

Champion Challenge:

As @Tank Hard has brought it to our atention, the amount of champion boxes (and prices) in our champion challenge system was incorrect and abusable. Henceforth the prices and boxes will be the following.

75cc boss = 1 champion box
1.5kk boss = 2 champion boxes
2.25kk boss = 3 champion boxes
3kk boss = 4 champion boxes
3.75kk boss = 5 champion boxes
4.5kk boss = 6 champion boxes
5.25kk boss = 7 champion boxes
6kk boss = 8 champion boxes.

21 / 08 / 2018

Dear Veterans,

The server has been taken offline at (22:18 PT 8/20/2018) due to emergency maintainance work. We expect to be back online in 1-2 hours.

We are working on a solution to this lag.
Thanks for understanding.

Edit: (6:25 am PT)

We’re still working non stop on bringing you the server back online. The maintenance has been ongoing way longer than expected.

In compensation for the downtime We will be hosting a double loot, double veteran, elite, champion spawn rate, double stamina regeneration in tiles and 2x faster dungeon & arena charges gain as soon as the server comes back online

Your CMs

Dear veterans,

Double Exp & Skill

Within the next server-save there will be a double exp & skill event lasting for 24 hours.

your lovely admins

18 / 08 / 2018

To login to the server, you will need the latest client. Please check the downloads page.

Fixes and Changes:

  1. Fixed the missing issues with weapons regarding skills.
  2. Boosts are properly working now.
  3. You can now regen stamina while training in the training tile room.
  4. Introduced a PvP arena
  5. Solo dungeons are properly working now
  6. Active dungeons now have a blackboard with their respective info.
  7. Map Fixes

Client Changes:

  1. Increased and fixed bot functionality (Hold conditions & Targeter)

Important Information:
You now require the newest client to log in.

Edit: Client 10.0000.04

  • Minor fix for the bot: ability to load/save.
17 / 08 / 2018

The global save & maintenance has ended.
Thanks for your patience.

To login to the server, you will need the latest client. Please check the downloads page.

Fixes and Changes:

  1. Fixed issues with weapons
    • Skills should work fine now.
    • The Templar weapons should work fine now
  2. You can see the online status in highscores page & characters page.
  3. You can view several pages in highscores now.
  4. Houses are fixed in characters page.
  5. Guild owners can disband their guilds now.
  6. PvP is now Enabled.

Client Changes:

  1. Loot channel Introduced..
  2. Several Fixes in Modal Windows.
  3. Enhancements in the chat window.
  4. Chats can be properly closed now.
  5. Spells are now emoted in a purple color (And you can choose if you want to see your spells or other people’s spells on the config section)

Important Information:

All the old clients are now discarded and you now require the newest client from now on.