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Latest News

30 / 03 / 2020

Hello guys we are really happy to announce or new season!

This time around we bring a refresh with a lot of balancements which can be found on our discord server announcement board and also we bring our first new vocation.

“Assassin - Reapers”

Reapers are a semi ranged vocation specialized in dealing high damage, their basic attacks with scythes can deal area damage bringing interesting new fighting mechanics alongside with them.

They have over 10 awesome custom spells with more to come.

Come and enjoy of the relaunch today!

22 / 10 / 2019

Just as it was mentioned on upcoming changes, an important patch for arenas has been released and contains the following changes:

  1. Max player limit is now 4.
  2. You will only get rewarded with arena points by finishing arena.
  3. Arena creatures will yield the same orbs as the continent where they are located. (main room desert for arena 2 and first part winter cont for arena 3) with a slightly increased orb rate.
  4. A new item arena doll has been implemented to the arena shop.

Arena dolls can be upgraded from tier 1 to a max of tier 6

Arena dolls attributes:

T1: 10 armor, 2% cd reduction, 2% orb finding, 1% protection all, 2% boost healing and 200 str
T2: 20 armor, 3% cd reduction, 3% orb finding, 2% protection all, 4% boost healing and 400 str
T3: 30 armor, 4% cd reduction, 4% orb finding, 4% protection all, 6% boost healing and 700 str
T4: 40 armor, 5% cd reduction, 5% orb finding, 5% protection all, 8% boost healing and 1000 str
T5: 50 armor, 7% cd reduction, 7% orb finding, 7% protection all, 10% boost healing and 1300 str
T6: 60 armor, 10% cd reduction, 10% orb finding, 10% protection all, 12% boost healing and 1700 str


Only T1 arena doll are purchaseable on all arena shops for the following prices.

T1 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 100 points
T2 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 50 points
T3 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 25 points
T4 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 5 points (fourth continent)

Just like all the other items arena dolls require 5 of the same tier to be upgraded to next tier.

Doll crafting can be found on equipment craft in first continent and in the crafting station of cont 2 and 3.

05 / 10 / 2019

  1. Monsters will randomly spawn “Tormented Ghosts” which will always yield an orb with halloween coins.
  2. Spawn bosses (above monsters of level 400) are now yielding halloween points when defeated.
  3. World Raids will happen every 8-10 hours, participating in a raid and beating its boss will reward a considerable amount of halloween points and even equipment boxes.
  4. NPC Noctis Lucis has spawned in Nocturnia’s temple bringing his special offers to you. (offer list soon to be expanded)
  5. You can deposit your halloween coins into your halloween points balance by using the command !deposit halloween,all or !deposit halloween, amount
  6. During this event random spooky effects will appear on your screen!

Special Donation Promo:

We will be hosting a special donation promo from Today October 5 until October 10 at 11pm Pacific Time.

During this time all donations will yield 50% extra nocturnal tokens and world boost scrolls.

2 New offers have also been implemented to the donation shop.

21 / 09 / 2019

Today’s patch brings an important amount of fixes to the functionality of our client.

It will now be possible for you to craft more than 1 item at time depending on the materials you are currently holding.

It will now be possible for you to control how fast you want your healing items to be used (in miliseconds)

You will now be able to control how fast you want runes to attack (in miliseconds)

Client buttons are now properly working.

Bot Conditions can be saved now.

An issue which allowed to exceed mastery limit under some circumstances has been fixed.

It will no longer be possible to move when a modal window is open (to avoid the modal windows bugging)

IMPORTANT: Due to the bot functionality changes your previous saved files will no longer work, you will need to create new ones.

18 / 09 / 2019
  1. A bug on t7 and t8 shields giving flat health value instead of health percent has been fixed. Please bonus transfer off/on to get the issue fixed.
  2. T8 set now has its proper level requirement
  3. An issue making some boosts on champion challenge has been fixed.
  4. Rewards from dungeons 13-14k difficulties have been improved
  5. 20 New instances have been added to champion challenge
  6. 15-18 new dungeon instances have been implemented.
  7. Legendary spells will have their damage reduced by half in PvP.
  8. Several map bugs are now fixed.
  9. An issue related to the recent nerf of legendary spells also affecting damage to monsters has been fixed.

Changes to PvP

  1. All PvP damage will be reduced by half. [Now Live]
  2. Frags to get red skull will be reduced from 10 to 5
  3. If your killer has 25% more strength than you, your death loss will be reduced by 25%
  4. If you killer has 50% more strength thay you, your death loss will be reduced by 50%

As a reminder, Red skulls in this server dont lose any items but they sufferer a far harsher death loss (Experience lost) when dying.
Black skulls still dont lose items but experience lost is far worse on dying and they are not allowed to engage in PvP anymore.

Equipment boxes on crafting.

Today we have implemented equipment boxes in crafting, you can find t2 to t4 eq boxes in the first continent crafting zone, t5 on desert continent (arena -1) and t6 and t7 on winter continent.

New jewelcraft recipes gold based.

A new way to craft upgrade crystals and spell crystals has been implemented. You can find the crafting machine on the bank in first continent, on arena -1 in desert continent and on winter workshop