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25 / 04 / 2020

Orb Verification Changes:

Since a large amount of players has insisted on abusing external tools to gain advantage over fair players in systems like Orbs, yet again we bring changes to the verification system in which a small random captcha will have to be completed in order to gain orbs.

Furthermore we are glad to announce that exiting the orb screen with the “Esc” key will no longer kill your active orb, you will be able to enter the screen once again as long as the orb remains active.

Last but not least regarding orbs, the verification window duration will be increased from 20 to 30 seconds, not responding in that time will count as a failed answer.

(Note: Besides the verification changes we are still considering implementing the punishment for 5 failed answers in 1 hour, depending on our observations on the upcoming days we will decide if this is neccesary or not)

Monsters AI:

As you may have noticed before, monsters in shadow realm tend to act weirdly when chasing its target or when reacting to fields even if they are immune to them, from now on monsters will react faster so be careful.

Champion Challenge:

While this patch was softly applied previously we are now officially announcing that champion challenges in cont 2, 3, 4 will allow you to invest more kks into your challenge for a more fair reward without monster scalating like crazy.

Note: Champion boxes of higher continents not only yield better loot but also yield increased chances to get champion tokens.

Shared Exp - Party:

We have properly balanced the exp for 4 and 5 man party.
We have extended the distance from players in shared experience from 30 to 50 sqms.

Server Performance:

We made some important changes regarding the lag - freezes some have been experiencing lately, we are hoping with these changes those issues will be resolved.

Further Changes:

  1. Relics can no longer be traded via trade window.
  2. Some Map bugs have been fixed.
  3. T2 winter quest relic can now be crafter in winter city.
  4. Prices in rsc to craft upgrade crystals have been reduced.

Spell changes for knights:

  1. Duration of knight continental spell extended from 4 seconds to 10 seconds (increses a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in sharpedge fury
  3. Damage Increased in Spinning Rage

Spell changes for druids:

  1. Duration of druid continental spell extended from 8 seconds to 12 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Damage Increased in fury of nature spell
  3. Damage Increased Ice tomb spell

Spell changes for Sorcerers:

  1. Duration increased of sorcerer continental spell from 3 seconds to 6 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)

Spell changes for paladins:

  1. Duration increased of paladin continental spell from 4 seconds to 8 seconds (increases a lot the total damage output)
  2. Great divine caldera now hits 3 times instead of 1
  3. Damage of Holy Punishment spell increased
  4. Holy punishment spell is now boosted by physical damage instead of magical

Spell Leveling Changes:

  1. Tera and fire Cannon spells were replaced for Frozen Sanctum Aura and EnergyHell Aura, the points you had invested in them will automatically transfer to the these spells.

Further Changes:

  1. Crafting tools now have their own tab in the crafting stations and new tools have been implemented.
  2. Some error screens and other issues with crafting have been fixed.
  3. Dungeon boxes have been renamed to loot boxes.
  4. Arenas are now granting tier loot boxes as reward.
  5. New crafting boxes have been added to the donor shop (it was suggested several times)
  6. Dungeon - Arena boxes (now called loot boxes) have officially been improved (tier 6 and above
  7. Damage of grim reapers, crystal crushers, crystal golems, frozen wolves, glacier spiders and glacier dragons has been reduced.
  8. Orbs from winter cont 3.5 are no longer droping t2 up crystals
  9. Achievements now properly work for reapers.
  10. Dungeons are now considerably less hard for druids and knights.
  11. Teleporters for conts 2,3,4 were improved to prevent abuse.
06 / 04 / 2020

For Mages:

  1. Mana percent requirement for both sharpedge fury knight spell and spinning rage has been lowered from 15 to 5.

  2. Energy Hell Aura spell now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  3. Frozen Sanctum Aura now only requires 5 mana percent instead of 20

  4. Energy Hell and Frozen Sactum auras are now also dealing ranged damage and dealing 30% more damage.

  5. Glacial Blizzard and Electrical storm now deal 30% more damage and also will always land a hit every spin on their selected target.

For Knights:

  1. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells from knights have been extended in duration

  2. Sharpedge Fury and Spinning Rage spells now deal 60% more damage

For Paladins:

  1. Arrow fury now lasts longer and deals damage faster.

  2. Holy punishment now deals damage in a larger area and deals 2 more hits.

  3. Great divine caldera damage has been increased in 30%

Further Fixes

  1. Power rune cooldowns should no longer interfere with any spells.
  2. Exiva spell now properly works for reapers.
  3. Orb crafting is now properly working for t7 recipes.
  4. Shared experience for the 5 vocations is now properly working.
  5. Spawn bosses are no longer rewarding halloween points
30 / 03 / 2020

Hello guys we are really happy to announce or new season!

This time around we bring a refresh with a lot of balancements which can be found on our discord server announcement board and also we bring our first new vocation.

“Assassin - Reapers”

Reapers are a semi ranged vocation specialized in dealing high damage, their basic attacks with scythes can deal area damage bringing interesting new fighting mechanics alongside with them.

They have over 10 awesome custom spells with more to come.

Come and enjoy of the relaunch today!

22 / 10 / 2019

Just as it was mentioned on upcoming changes, an important patch for arenas has been released and contains the following changes:

  1. Max player limit is now 4.
  2. You will only get rewarded with arena points by finishing arena.
  3. Arena creatures will yield the same orbs as the continent where they are located. (main room desert for arena 2 and first part winter cont for arena 3) with a slightly increased orb rate.
  4. A new item arena doll has been implemented to the arena shop.

Arena dolls can be upgraded from tier 1 to a max of tier 6

Arena dolls attributes:

T1: 10 armor, 2% cd reduction, 2% orb finding, 1% protection all, 2% boost healing and 200 str
T2: 20 armor, 3% cd reduction, 3% orb finding, 2% protection all, 4% boost healing and 400 str
T3: 30 armor, 4% cd reduction, 4% orb finding, 4% protection all, 6% boost healing and 700 str
T4: 40 armor, 5% cd reduction, 5% orb finding, 5% protection all, 8% boost healing and 1000 str
T5: 50 armor, 7% cd reduction, 7% orb finding, 7% protection all, 10% boost healing and 1300 str
T6: 60 armor, 10% cd reduction, 10% orb finding, 10% protection all, 12% boost healing and 1700 str


Only T1 arena doll are purchaseable on all arena shops for the following prices.

T1 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 100 points
T2 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 50 points
T3 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 25 points
T4 Arena Points = 1 t1 doll for 5 points (fourth continent)

Just like all the other items arena dolls require 5 of the same tier to be upgraded to next tier.

Doll crafting can be found on equipment craft in first continent and in the crafting station of cont 2 and 3.