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Player LVL
1. (online) 1611
2. (online) 1539
3. (online) 1525
4. (offline) 1518
5. (online) 1436

Latest News

Today Changes:

  1. We have added a new offer in the royal shadow coin shop, “Special Solo Dungeon Charge” which costs 90 rsc and will grant you a dungeon charge that has no daily limit.
  2. The limit of normal solo dungeon passes will be increased to 10 if you are level above 1k
  3. A new quest seller NPC has been added to the desert continent, this NPC sells t4 eq boxes for the price of 2 epic quest points and 6 elite tokens.
  4. Hard dungeons for levels 1+ will now require 2 charges to enter but the rewards will be doubled (Like the patch we did several days ago to the 1200+ dungeons)

Donation Store Changes:

To reduce heavy pay 2 win factor we have increased the following prices:

  1. Solo dungeon passes from 50 points to 100 points.
  2. Arena passes from 50 to 100 points.
  3. Solo champion pass from 125 points to 225 points
  4. 50% Exp boost from 100 points to 175 points.

A new offer has been implemented.

  1. Random eq box has been implemented to the donor shop, this offer will grant you 1x random t1 or t2 eq piece or weapon

Further Game Changes:

  1. T6+ dungeon boxes will no longer drop t1 eq boxes, they will now drop t2 boxes more frequently.

  2. Armadiles have been removed from the arena (by popular request)

  3. The spawns on second continent are now spawning twice as fast and their damage/health has been nerfed by 15%

  4. Orb patch has been applied, from now on answering an orb incorrectly will result in the orb being removed.

Today we bring important fixes and changes for some equipment and weapons ingame, here is a list with the applied changes.

– Demonic Weapons –
Physical and magical boost reduced from 33 to 17% (since the values for this era failed to save, thats why it was 33)

– T4 Weapons Changes –

  1. T4 melee weapons attack has been changed from 86 to 96
  2. T4 distance weapon attack has been changed from 84 to 94
  3. T4 weapons strength has been increased from 360 to 465
  4. T4 physical and magical damage boost has been increased from 8 to 12%

– T5 Equipment and Weapons Changes –

  1. T5 equipment pieces have been increased in strength from 400 to 450
  2. T5 weapons have been increased in strength from 450 to 660 (similar to demonic weapons)
  3. The attack of t5 melee weapons has been increased from 96 to 110, on distance weapons from attack 94 to 108.
  4. The physical and magical damage boost on T5 has been increased from 14 to 18%

In order for the changes to be applied please bonus transfer to a dummy and add your boost back to your weapon.

Further Changes:

  1. The spawns on second continent are now spawning twice as fast and their damage/health has been nerfed by 15%

  2. Orb patch has been applied, from now on answering an orb incorrectly will result in the orb being removed.

13 / 05 / 2019
  1. Inqui weapons can now be enchanted.
  2. T4 and T5 items can now be traded with the exchange NPCs.
  3. T5 items are now properly working when equiped.
  4. A 10 second delay to pass to the next stage or finish a dungeon has been implemented.
  5. It will now take the game 5 seconds to kick you after finishing an arena.

Fair warning: In the next patch orbs will receive an adjustment which will prevent the incorrect answer issue when actually providing the right answer to the math question to happen, in addition orbs will be destroyed if you answer incorrectly.

11 / 05 / 2019


  1. From now on orbs can only be claimed by using the !orb command.
  2. You will no longer have to stand on the orb, only requirement is to be 5 sqms close to the orb and correctly answer the math question.
  3. You are now able to collect more than one orb at time by using the command.

Arenas - Solo Dungeons:

  1. Both systems are now able to spawn elite and vet monsters.


  1. Previously announced pvp damage rates have been applied (from 10% to 40%)

Map Fixes.

  1. You will no longer get trapped with rune recharge NPC if you are PZ Locked.

  2. You will no longer get trapped in trainers if you are PZ locked.

Other Changes:

  1. The gold requirement in bonus transfers has been reduced.
06 / 05 / 2019

From now on all quest will be granting a new type of point (quest point) which can be used on the new npc placed in the quest room.

Here is a list of quests and the amount of points they will be granting:

1 Quest Point:

Promo Quest
Third Armor
Third Legs
thid Helmet
third boots

2 Quest Points:

Fourth Weapon

3 Quest Points:

Interdimensional potion quest

4 Quest Points:


1 Epic Quest Point:

Templar quest

2 Epic Quest Points:

Continental quest

The quest seller will sell from tier 1 to tier 3 equipment box for the following prices.

T1 = 1 quest point + 1 veteran token.
T2 = 5 quest points and 5 veteran tokens.
T3 = 1 epic quest point + 2 elites tokens.

Further Changes:

  1. From now on POI will have to be re done every time you pick a reward.

  2. A new npc “Weapons Smith” has been added in the crafting academy, just like the master smith this npc will allow you to trade 2 weapons of the same tier for another weapon of the same tier of your choice.

  3. From now on all the mining veins will automatically transform -rotate every 30 minutes if not mined.

  4. The attack of t4 bows has been adjusted. All t4-t5 items are now granting the correct strength.