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Latest News

21 / 11 / 2018

In this patch we have focused on performance enhancements and changes to improve player’s game play with runes and events.

  • Changes made on power runes:
  1. Sorcerer’s power rune is now fire damage instead of physicalmagical damage.
  2. Druid’s power rune is now ice damage instead of physicalmagical damage.
  3. Knights power rune is now physical damage instead of physical magical damage.
  4. From now on there will be no attack spells interfering with the cooldown of power runes.

The changes mentioned above were made to allow power runes damage to increase with your magical or physical boost from set or other sources.

  • General Changes:
  1. Power rune upgrade crystals will be implemented.
  2. Battlefield event (Oriented to power exp) will be beta tested.
  3. Catacombs System (Oriented to power exp) will be beta tested.
  • Zombie event changes:
  1. Zombies will now one shot any player on melee but they no longer have ranged attacks.
  2. Zombie’s speed has been considerably decreased.
  3. It will no longer possible to use pushing spells inside the zombie event.
15 / 11 / 2018

Recently we have been discussing with our Council about possible ways to improve the game progress and making it smoother for the new or low level players.

Below we will point out the changes which have been implemented in this patch.

  1. Adventurer’s weapons and explorers set have been removed from quests and now will be granted to players when achieving level 150.
  2. Warden set will now be rewarded in the quests of the second floor of the main teleporting tower
  3. Warden set has been removed from royal shadow coins shop and gladiator set price has lowered.
  4. Sentinel set has been reduced in price
  5. Promotion quest has lowered in difficulty.
  6. Royal shadow coin shop has been moved to the main temple floor.

Regarding the quest changes, everyone will be able to redo those quests.

Other Changes:

  • Medium and hard difficulty for the desert continent dungeon are now available
  • A new section in jewelcrafting has been implemented “Crafting Packages”, In this section you can craft 25x of any recipe of your choice in order to save time when you require to craft a high amount.
09 / 11 / 2018

In this client build there are mainly a few fixes & some UI fixes in the client. We also continued to implement our upcoming phase features and to complete the missing elements from previous major update.

1- Fixed masteries reset.
2- Added functionality for new outfit/mount bonuses. (Coming Soon to the game)
3- Preparing for Wings (external mountable wings).

Make sure to reboot your client to trigger the auto updater or download the client directly from our download section.

05 / 11 / 2018

To make the halloween event more enjoyable for everyone we have decided to implement the following bags to our donor shop

These bags can also be obtained in the extration mechanic of elite or champion monsters and in the halloween raids!

05 / 11 / 2018

We are very happy to announce that today a big milestone for our project has been achieved.

With the release of our client launcher (auto updater) we have finally reached a very important point of stability that we were seeking to reach since the launching of our server.

With this client feature we will finally be able to provide everyone faster and more efficient updates without causing many troubles by forcing everyone to manually download a new client build.

You can download the shadow launcher installer in the section downloads.