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02 / 09 / 2019

As previously announced today’s patch has been released and a new client is now required to log in.

You can download the client automatically with our auto updater or you can download the client directly through the website’s download section.

Besides the previously announced features of this patch we decided to also implement the following changes:

  1. We have increased considerably the amount of monsters in the following spawns:
  • Larvas
  • Lost souls
  • Undead Gladiators
  • Wyrms
  • Vampires
  • Djinns
  • Beholders
  • Ancient Scarabs
  • Drillworms
  • Undead dragons
  • Asuras
  • Grim reapers
  1. We have increased further the orbs chance of east and west desert continent monsters and the loot of west desert continent orbs.

  2. We have considerably enhanced the loot of champion orbs of desert continent monsters

As a way to solve the problem of some spawns being better than others (Example: graveyard vs underworld spirits) the following change will apply.

Spawns with less spawn rate will have their orb chances and experience values considerably increased to compensate the monster amount difference. Example:

Graveyard (which has a lot of monsters) will remain the same while underworld spirits will drop 50% the orbs and exp per monster than graveyard)

The following spawns will be boosted under this same mechanism:

  1. Underworld spirits will now yield 50% more orbs chance than usual and 65% more exp.

  2. Lost souls and wyrms will yield 50% more exp and orbs rate.

  3. Vampires will yield 25% more exp and 50% orb rate

  4. Djinns will yield 50% more orb chance and 25% more exp

  5. Ancient scarabs, beholders and gravediggers will yield 100% more exp and orb rate.

  6. Drill worms and undead dragons will yield 110% more exp and orb rate.

  7. Grim reapers will yield 25% more exp and 50% more orb rate.

Further Changes:

  1. Its now possible to smelt t2 upgrades,spells,stat stones into 5 t1, its also now possible to smelt bars into ingots.

  2. Orbs from elite monsters in desert continent have been heavily improved.

This sunday 1 Sept 2019 we will have an important patch with the following changes:


Two new dungeons and several new instances will be implemented.

World Boosts Changes:

As announced previous we gathered anough data to decide what will be done with the world boosts.

Our first important change will be applied to rsc and points world boosts (due to the massive usage of these bonuses lately)

25% exp boost [30 mins]
50% orb boost [30 mins]
50% extra dungeon rewards [30 mins]
50% extra arena rewards [30 mins]
10% extra crafting experience [15 mins]
50% mining and lumberjacking gathering [30 mins]
15% champion challenge loot [30 mins]

Price of rsc world boost scrolls increased from 1000 to 1250.

Reason of the changes: The progression speed is out of control at this moment due to the world boosts so with the purpose of keeping this era healthy we must slow it down a bit.

Nocturnal Tokens World boosts will remain the following:

50% exp boost [1 hour]
2x orb boost [1 hour]
2x extra dungeon rewards [1 hour]
2x extra arena rewards [1 hour]
20% extra crafting experience [1 hour]
2x mining and lumberjacking gathering [1 hour]
25% champion challenge loot [1 hour]

RSC - donation world boosts will be stackable with nocturnal tokens world boosts.

Implementation of Happy Hour:

After this patch gets released the server will automatically apply 1 hour boosts (like the nocturnal tokens ones) two times a day at random hours with 2 of the available current bonuses.

New quest and upcoming new questline:

One of the important features of this new era is related to the implementation of a brand new quest line unrelated to continental content.

This new questline is designed to be as challenging as continental quests with special rewards.

Our first quest of that questline is called “Blackbeard’s Demise” and will be oriented for players of level 900+

23 / 08 / 2019

We have implemented the following new global boosts:

  1. 2x dungeon rewards [1 Hour]
  2. 2x arena rewards [1 Hour]
  3. 20% extra crafting experience [30 mins]
  4. 2x mining and lumberjacking gathering [1 Hour]
  5. 25% champion challenge loot [1 Hour]

As suggested by many players, we have temporarily implemented global boost scrolls in our points shop and shadow coins shop.

For the moment these scrolls will be available for 3 days and based on the results we gather during this time we will decide if they will stay in those shops for more time or if they will be removed.

Note: Values of the new boosts are still subject to change.

22 / 08 / 2019
  1. We have applied a patch to several crafting recipes (specially in alchemy) in order to allow a smoother progression in that skill.

  2. We have moved mastery craft to alchemy.

  3. We have increased the chances to drop t2 upgrade crystals (blue) from monsters above lvl 700 (including veterans)