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Latest News

30 / 06 / 2019

Our new huge dungeon rework has arrived with the sole purpose of providing a fair and constantly expanding challenging experience for everyone.

The new features of the dungeons are the following:

  1. Every 1k strength you have will unlock one new dungeon difficulty.
  2. From difficulty 1k to 7k you will require 1 charge to join the dungeon and will be rewarded with 3 boxes (tier based on difficulty)
  3. From difficulty 8k+ you will require 2 charges to joing and will be rewarded with 6 boxes (tier based on difficulty)
  4. Dungeons will have a far better scaling mechanism, which means they might not be easy anymore.
  5. Dungeons of 3k strength and above will now also reward with dungeon achievement coins.

Here is a list of the possible rewards of each (currently available) dungeon tier boxes. (chances and amounts wont be disclosed)

Dungeon Achievement Coins.

These new coins will provide you 1 dungeon achievement point plus some experience when using them.

By gathering them you will unlock achievements with secret bonuses for your character!

Further Changes:


  1. Tier 2 upgrade crystal: skill required reduced from 60 to 40Items required: removed elite tokens, added 20 rsc requirement.
  2. Tier 3 upgrade crystal: skill required reduced from 90 to 60Items required: removed champion tokens, added 100 rsc requirement.

  3. Tier 2 spell stone: Skill required lowered from 60 to 40

  4. Tier 3 spell stone: Skill required lowered from 90 to 60


  1. Exotic Mastery stone: skill required lowered from 60 to 25
  2. Legendary Mastery Stone: skill required lowered from 90 to 50
18 / 06 / 2019

Today we are glad to announce that our new progression system that goes by the name “Traits System” has been implemented.

Traits are similar to masteries but continent oriented, you can further upgrade your character bonuses by increasing the traits of your choice.


  1. To access the traits system window use the command !traits.
  2. On every continent (from desert to above) you will find trait stones which can be looted from monster orbs.
  3. Depending on your current progress stage of a trait you might require a higher tier of trait stone to keep progressing.
  4. The higher the continent the better tier of trait points you can get.
  5. You can find tasks NPCs on every spawn (of desert continent and above) which will reward you with trait points (amount based on monster difficulty)
  6. NPC Tasks are non repeatable.
  7. You can reset/clear a trait if you have a trait clear potion in your backpack, by doing so your tier trait points will be refunded.

Note: You will need 1 trait clear potion for every stage your trait currently has.

Further Changes:

  1. Mystic forge sigils are now craftable in the Alchemy Station.
  2. Alchemy skill required to craft backpacks has been reduced.

A new client is now required to log in.

This client brings fixes to many animations specially from outfits and items.

Please let your auto updater install the patch or download the client directly from our downloads sections.

15 / 06 / 2019

A new experience catch up boost has been implemented for everyone below level 1200 with the purpose of help out low levels having a hard time to scale/progress in the game, relog to check your bonus!

Special Note: In the case of a vocation change you wont enjoy of the catch up experience bonus for the first 7 days.

Further Changes:

  1. Orbs from monsters of the desert continent have received an upgrade, you can either get more items with a higher chance or even find new rewards!
14 / 06 / 2019

A new client is now required to log in.

Please let your autoupdater install the patch or download the client directly from our downloads sections.