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Battlefields are special events designed for the players to gain heavy amounts of experience for a limited amount of time.

Battlefields are automatically launched every 6 hours and they are divided into 3 different stages.

You can you a battlefield when active by entering the portal located in the temple displayed in the image below.

Note: Death is compensated inside of this event.

Stage 1

The first stage is located at the entrance of the event, the mission is to defeat the minibosses and their minions.

Once the minibosses are defeated the magic walls blocking the way to access the stage two will be removed.

Stage1 battlefield.gif

Stage 2

In this stage the mission is to achieve a global kill count along with the other participants. Once the global kill count is reached the gates for stage 3 will be opened.

Stage2 battlefield.gif

Stage 3

This is the final stage of the battlefield, in here you will be teleported into a wide area where lots of monsters will spawn by waves over and over again, wielding large amounts of experience.

Stage3 battlefield.png

Once an hour has passed since the beginning of the event the enemy forces will be depleted and everyone will be sent back to temple.