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Usually in Shadow Realm the main goal of most players is becoming stronger, becoming stronger usually means improving your gear, enhancing your equipment, upgrading your items and specially obtaining new and stronger set pieces.

Since our main goal is to provide a contast feel of self improvement, we encourage players to upgrade their sets with upgrade crystals, mystic forge, imbuements and enchantments, this clearly means investing a lot of materials and resources on your set piece, so, what happens when you obtain a stronger set piece?

Are you gonna be stucked with your bonuses on the previous and weaker set piece and start over again? OF COURSE NOT!

In order to make the progress smoother, we developed a system that allows you to transfer all of your items bonuses from one item to the other in a second.

Transfer Methods

Method #1 - Direct Transfer

Or first method is as easy as right click on the item hold the upgrades, choosing the option Transfer Bonus and then select the item of your choice

Transfer trigger.png Transferusewith.png

This process will trigger a transfer window, this window will display item requirements and a fee for transfering your bonus to a new item.
(Requirements will vary depending on the upgrade level and mystic forge grade on the item)

Transfer window.png

If all requirements are met, click the transfer button and voila! the transfer is done!

Bonus transfer success.png

Important Note: Bonus transfer will only work if the item you will transfer the bonus to has no current upgrades on it.

Method #2 - Transfer Dummies

You may be wondering, what happens if I require my current set piece in order to obtain my new and more powerful piece?

Well the solution is quite simple.

Head to the royal Royal Shadow Coin Shop and choose the Transfer Dummies section

Upgrade dummies.png

In this window choose the transfer dummy that matches the item class of the item you want to transfer the bonus out
(Example: Sword Dummy for your Magic Sword)
(Example 2: Axe Dummy for your Stonecutter's Axe)
(Example 3: Staff Dummy for your Annihilator Staff)
(Example 4: Armor Dummy for your prismatic armor/legs/helmet/boots)

Dummies window.png

Then choose the transfer bonus option into your main item and target your transfer dummy item

Transfer to dummy.png

In here you will notice that transfering bonuses is almost free of any charges, despite your current item bonus level and mystic forge rank, you will not require to pay bigger fees to transfer bonuses to a dummy item


Once your dummy item is holding the bonuses you can transfer them to your new set piece as soon as you like, following the steps of method #1