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We will list below the most useful commands available in Shadow Realm Online .

Command Description

Allow access to all commands in-game.


Allow access to additional information regarding your character, such as:



This command shows the current amount of online players in Shadow Realm.


Displays the amount of hours the server has been online.


Displays the amount of unjustified kills executed by the character, as well as the time for those kills be forgiven.


Allows a character to buy an available house, as long as the command is executed while in front of the desired house's door.


This command displays the server's information.


Decreases experience loss upon death for a fixed amount of gold, depending on the character’s level.

!spellstats or !spellprogress

Allow access to the spell progression system, where you can upgrade your main spells. Spellstats1.png


Allow access to the list of repeatable/daily quests, as well as the cooldown of each quest. Quests1.png


Allow access to the list of current bosses available as well as keep tracking on the killing process in order to access the boss’s lair..



Allow access to the list of the Player Progression Ranks.



Allow access to the special shop, currently part of september’s donation event.

Autoloot Features

One of the most powerful commands and probably the one you'll be using the most, the Autoloot allows a player to receive a item straight to his/her backpack uppon successful drop of that said item. The system work even at a distance from the actual monster's loot, meaning no need to open and fallen enemy loot.

Note: Every gold coin dropped by monsters hunted in solo action (meaning, not in a party) are looted directly to your bank account.

Command Description

Display what items are currently in your Autoloot list.

!autoloot clear

Empty your Autoloot list.

!autoloot add,name of the item

Adds an item to your autoloot list.
E.g.: !autoloot add,Dragon Shield