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Enchanting is the action of bestowing a weapon with elemental forces through magic. You can enchant a weapon with inferno, blizzard, vampiric, soul leech, shockwave or divine guard. To enchant a weapon you need a weapon that is enchantable, e.g. a T1 staff, and an enchantment sigil.

Enchanting weapon requires some amount of gold and of course an enchantment sigil.

NOTE: that only one type of enchanting can be active on a weapon at a time.

How to enchant - guide

Enchanting Weapon

1. First thing you need to have is a weapon in your hand slot and enchantement sigil of your choice. When you do so, head on the highest floor of Nocturnia's temple and use Enchantment Shrine. Upon use a window will pop up.

2. There you will have to pick enchantment of your interest.
NOTE: You need to have weapon in your hand or message will appear.
Hold weapon.png
After this next window will appear.
Pick enchant.png

3. If you have choosen desired tier, press confirm.
Pick tier.png
Of course be sure to have required items with you.
Not enough items.png
When succesfull a message will appear.
Applied enchant.png

Congratulations, you have succesfully enchanted your weapon!

Changing Enchantment

In order to change your enchantment to a different tier or other type of enchantment you have to clear your present enchantment.
NOTE: Upon clearing, your enchatment will be destroyed.
Clear enchant.png
If you are sure then press clear button.
Confirm clear.png
NOTE: If you confirm, you will loose your present enchantment and your weapon will be able to be enchanted again. There is no way back.
Congratulations, you have cleared your enchantment from your weapon successfully!
Confirmed clear.png
To again enchant your weapon click.

Types of Enchantments

Name Item Tiers Range Description Recommended Vocations
inferno enchantment sigil Inferno.png T1 - T4 This enchantment focuses on a single target, dealing a lot of damage to it.
It has a considerable higher chance to proc than aoe enchantments.
Deals fire damage.
blizzard enchantment sigil Blizzard.png T1 - T4 This enchantment will mark your target with a powerful ice bomb that will explode after 4 seconds, when the ice explosion takes place it will deal damage based on the amount of creatures found inside the blast area. The more the higher damage.
Deals ice damage.
divine enchantment sigil Divine guard sigil.png T1 - T4 This enchantment increases it's damage based on your resistance - protection percent. The higher resistance the better multiplier it will have.
It will deal 30% less damage when not used by a knight.
Deals holy damage.
vampiric enchantment sigil Vampiric.png T1 - T4 When this enchantment procs, it heals you for 5 turns with significant amount of health. Knights,
soul leech enchantment sigil Soul leech sigil.png T1 - T4 When this enchantment procs, it heals you for 5 turns with significant amount of mana. Sorcerers,
shockwave enchantment sigil Shockwave sigil.png T1 - T4 When this enchantment procs, it bounces from target to target dealing massive damage.
Deals physical damage.

How to get one

There are several ways to obtain enchantments.
One of the easiest is to participate in events which take place every few hours. Obtained there shadow fragments can be exchanged in ratio 6:1 for shadow shard. You can find NPC which exchanges them below Veteran Token Shop NPC. When you get one, type in Local Chat !specialshop and a window will pop up.
Special shop.png
Go boxes > enchantment box > buy.
NOTE: Enchantement box gives RANDOM enchantment, so if you aim for a specific one, don't gamble. It's not worth it. You can spend shadow shards on better things.
Another way of getting sigils are frontline battlegrounds. You can then buy one of your choice (no gambling here) from Frontline Battleground Trader NPC, which is located below Veteran Token Shop NPC. You can also buy those from players, so be sure to check Advertisement channel often.