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Energy represents the stamina of your character to perform any actions related to professions, such as mining, fishing, extracting and lumberjacking. Grinding for all these systems will consume your energy, and when it reaches below 10, you will not be able to collect materials from any of the professions.

You can check your amount of energy by looking at the green bar below your mana bar, as shown in the picture below.

Energy bar.png

How to get energy?

The first and easiest method (although it can take a while) is simply by staying online (not xlogged). Over time, your energy wil naturally regenerate by 20 every hour.

The second method is by getting monster orbs. Some orbs may contain energy stones which will grant you an amount of energy upon use. You can get a small energy stone, that will give you 100 energy or a large energy stone, which gives you 500 energy.

The third method is by purchasing in several shops throughout Shadow Realm. Currently, you can get energy from the following shops: