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In Shadow Realm some monsters have special magical objects embedded into their souls, these objects can be extracted from monsters in a few situations by using an extracting tool.

You will notice the monster you just slayed is ready to be extracted when it displays a message and a square animation is displayed on the monster's corpse.


By spending 10 energy points and using your extracting tool on the corpse in the precise moment of it displaying the animation you will be rewarded with powerful charms which can be used in the crafting system to create unique items.

Based on the monster's level range it becomes more complicated to extract charms from creatures which means you will require higher extraction skills and tools if the monsters are too strong.

Below we provide you a list of the required tools and skills for each level range.

Extraction Tool Tier Possible Rewards Skill Requirement Monster Level Range
Extracttool1.png Charm1.png 0 From 200+
Extracttool2.png Charm2.png 10 From 400+
Extracttool3.png Charm3.png 20 From 600+
Extracttool4.png Charm4.png 40 From 900+
Extracttool5.png Charm5.png 60 From 1300+