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Rarity System adds completely new possibilities in terms of character strength, decreased cooldown, increased chance of finding orbs and more mana/health. Unlock rarities of items and enjoy their unique abilities. Get stronger to defeat your enemies and fierce monsters. Bring your equipment build to an unexplored new meta game.

Item rarity.png


Unlocker.pngRarity UnlockersUnlocker.png can be applied to a limited set of items, every item except for weapons, dolls and backpacks. Every unlocked item will get it's own random rarity rank.
You can unlock only items which have no upgrades on it, precisely - upgrades, sigils and rarity. In order to unlock rarity, you have to transfer all your upgrades to a dummy or another item and get rid of old rarity with rarity revoker(applies only when item has rarity).
There are also Revoker.pngrarity revokersRevoker.png. Those work opposite to unlockers and remove rarity of an item. You may ask why would I remove rarity from an item? You may do so when you're not satisfied with the item rank you have gotten.

Simply click on rarity unlocker/revoker and target item of your desire
Click unlocker.png
Note: The item you want to upgrade can be either in your backpack or in depot, please do not place your item on the floor.

List of available ranks

Rank Frame Color Bonus Notes
common none none Every item from the start is in common rank.
rare +3% extra strength
+1% extra hp/mana
Easiest to get and one of the weakest to have, there are no tier items coming with native rare rank.
Exceptions are items gotten from daily quests, but those are rare to get.
powerful +6% extra strength
2% extra hp/mana
+1% damage boost
It's pretty common to get this rank, although you can get one after several tries.
There are no tier items coming with native powerful rank.
ancient +10% extra strength
+3% extra hp/mana
+2% damage boost
+2% orb find
One of the rarest ranks available, second best rank there is.
You may call yourself lucky if you get one, especially on your first try.
There are no tier items coming with native ancient rank.
heroic +15% extra strength
+5% extra hp/mana
+3% damage boost
+3% orb find
+1% cooldown reduction
Rarest rank to get and the best one. Only few people have this rank unlocked on an item.
There are no tier items coming with native heroic rank.

Unlockers/Revokers types

We have separate unlockers and revokers for both equipment (helmets, armors, legs, boots and shields) and jewellery (rigns and amulets).

  • Unlocker.pngRevoker.png - unlocker and revoker for equipment
    Example of equipment with rarity
  • Unlocker1.pngRevoker1.png - unlocker and revoker for jewellery

How to get it?

You can buy those using semi-premium currency - shadow shards, which in long term might be pretty expensive.
Cheapest way is to buy them with frontline points, which can be gotten from Frontline Battlegrounds, but you need at least 10k strength to enter frontline portal.

NOTE: unlockers for jewellery can be only bought on Orario (Continent 6), which is meta game or directly from highleveled players.