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Around the world of shadow realm you will find special metal veins which can be mining to grant you special materials which can be used to create awesome and special items when using the crafting system


Based on the quality of the metals certain tools will be required to extract them from the vein, which also means the better the vein the higher skills you will require to use the required pick to extract them.

Below we display a list of the available picks and veins and their respective requirements.

Pick Tier Pickable Veins Reward Mining Skill Requirement Most common spawns
540c4c1a828f5300f677f059beea666b14ac814b s2 n2.png D1437a66323f4c49ce4787fff210ae28fe419e47 s2 n2.png18e28bc61a83e0c5ae4fd1299e3d5ce66a800694 s2 n2.png C58f9d89403c386da6d90a74303c9192eac91210 s2 n2.pngD319f5410dfb89530c089902062cb0a0c0a4d943 s2 n2.png 0
2e7afa28eef2f9245fbe78746a3b6147fd5aaf71 s2 n2.png A5c7d08613891110efccd3cd42f88c2796aeb0e3 s2 n2.png 12734571b30cf671d1f4920c3f2068facb047eaf s2 n2.png 10
A09eb3c73936edea4ac8dc649600606c03635640 s2 n2.png Debdf225170f0722d873ff53c599824e94e42bd9 s2 n2.png 1135a34076679cdab7df3c6b8153cfd6b961995f s2 n2.png 20
61101394a48fb6ceab03a49b1bd11170c7c0143c s2 n2.png 9c94ed490c3874685ae383b32edfb0ac7770da17 s2 n2.png F7b7b32603a37e0001d6b4274ed19f78a466a3cc s2 n1.png 40
E38fb221307f04789838384d5aa920914e3436fd s2 n2.png Cf6c382f0c605a470d8b521804c17824a30592cc s2 n2.png Mythril.png 60

When you fully extract all the ores of a metal vein these will turn into an empty vein, after 5 minutes the vein will be regenerated but there is a chance for it to respawn as a different metal vein to provide more fun and variety to the system.

Note: Each time you mine a vein it will take 10 energy points, if you are out of energy points you will no longer be able use your mining pick.