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General Information

Solo Dungeons are an unique difficulty based PvE challenge which allows you to access, explore, fight and beat unique zones with different monsters and bosses guarding them.

There is no death penalty in Solo Dungeons that is, deaths in dungeons won't affect your stats, but, if you die you will be teleported back to the beginning area of the dungeon. You have 3 lives for all stages and you will be kicked out of the dungeon if you lose all of them. You can skip the cooldown using Dungeon Charges.

To access the solo dungeon area you have to head north of the teleporting zone and reach the second floor.


Click the statue at the center of the room and select the difficutly desired.


This fantastic system is designed to grow in difficulty as you progress in game, providing a challenging experience despite of your level range


Each difficulty consist on a considerable increase in both monsters stats and damage resulting in a more exciting reward than easier difficulties, this also means that the level requirement to access the dungeon will increase based in the difficulty of your choice.

  • On the easy difficulty, monsters are around your own level and you will get normal amount of rewards.
  • On medium difficulty, monsters are 50 levels above your level and you will get an extra box and extra cash after finishing the dungeon.
  • On hard difficulty, monsters are 100 levels above your level and you will get two extra boxes and extra cash after finishing the dungeon.


First of all a solo dungeon is divided in 2 stages

  • Stage 1: Killing Zone
    • In this stage your main goal is to defeat certain amount of monsters with the unique goal of weaking the evil forces.
  • Stage 2: Mini-bosses room
    • After killing the needed amount of creatures in the first stage, you will be teleported to another room containing 2 to 10 harder monsters when compared to the first stage. You must kill all of the monsters in this stage in order to proceed to the boss room.
  • Stage 3: Boss room
    • When all the required monsters are killed your character will be teleported to the boss room. Be prepared to fight a powerful evil foe to gain your right for a reward! Remember to be careful, bosses may change behavior on certain situation so dont take the fight for granted!

Note: In case of an unsuccesful attempt to finish a dungeon resulting on the player's death, this death will be forgiven and the player will not lose any experience, skill or items.


Each time you join a dungeon, a dungeon charge will be deducted from your total charges which can be seen on the misc section of the !myinfo command.


Every 3 hours of both online or offline time (combined) will result in your character gaining 1 solo dungeon charge, with a maximum capacity of 6 charges. (Or up to 12 if charges are bought from donation store).

Once you are out of charges you won't be able to join any solo dungeon until you gain a charge.

Solo Dungeon Rewards

Dungeon Boxes

Name Possible Rewards
Tier 1 Dungeon Box 1x royal shadow coin
5x crystal coins
1x nayru's charm
Tier 2 Dungeon Box 1x royal shadow coin
5x crystal coins
1x nayru's charm
1x mastery stone tier 1
1x spell stone tier 1
1x piece of royal steel
Tier 3 Dungeon Box 3x royal shadow coin
10x crystal coins
2x nayru's charm
1x mastery stone tier 1
1x spell stone tier 1
2x piece of royal steel
Tier 4 Dungeon Box 5x royal shadow coin
15x crystal coins
2x nayru's charm
2x mastery stone tier 1
2x spell stone tier 1
3x piece of royal steel