Spell Evolution

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Spell Evolution is a system designed to upgrade continental spells. Every vocation can upgrade one fixed spell. There are several stages of upgrade, each of them making spell dealing more damage, increased duration or different behaviour.

IMPORTANT: To open spell evolution window type !spellevolution in Local Chat.

example of paladin spell window

Spell Crystals

Each upgrade requires special spell crystals. There's a list of crystals available and how to get them.

Spell Crystals Image Max Levels Price Effect How to get

t1 spell crystal
Spell crystal.png


T1 crystal spell price.pngchampion token
T1 spell crystal price2.pngultimate dungeon points

increased damage

ultimate dungeon shop

t2 spell crystal
File:Spell crystal2.png



increased damage
longer duration


t3 spell crystal
File:Spell crystal3.png





NOTE: Every spell crystal represents spell damage increase.

Evolution Stages

Spell has at least 2 stages. Each stage requires different sort of spell crystal as well as quantity. You need use those crystals before you can upgrade spell. Each crystal represents one level of a stage. Druid example.png

You can also reset stats, but this will require stat reset potionReset stat vial.png, which can be bought in Royal Shadow Coins shop.