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Spell Progress is one of our most important Systems in Shadow Realm. With spell progress you can upgrade various spells using (Spell Stones). There are seven spell stone tiers and seven upgrade stages.

IMPORTANT: To open spell progress use the icon Spell progress icon.png or type !spellprogress in Local Chat.


Spell Stones

There are 7 tiers of Spell Stones which are:

  • T1spell.png T1 Spell Stone.
  • T2spell.png T2 Spell Stone.
  • T3spell.png T3 Spell Stone.
  • T4spell.png T4 Spell Stone.
  • T5spell.png T5 Spell Stone.
  • T6spell.png T6 Spell Stone.
  • T7spell.png T7 Spell Stone.

These stones can be obtained in the following systems:

Spell Stages

Every spell is divided into 7 different stages. Each stage requires different sort of spell stone. You need to carry those stones in backpack. System will pick them up whenever you are upgrading your spell. Spellprogress2.png

You can also reset stats, but this will require stat reset potionReset stat vial.png, which can be bought in Royal Shadow Coins shop.