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General Information

Similar to Solo Dungeons, Team Dungeons allows your party as a team to access, explore, fight and beat unique zones with different monsters and bosses guarding them.

There is no death penalty in Team DungeonsEvery team dungeon has it own cooldown that depends on the difficulty, you can skip the cooldown using Dungeon Charges.

To access the team dungeon area you have to head north of the teleporting zone and reach the north's tower first floor.


Queue Window

There are two possible ways to join a team dungeon:

  • Join new queue or "start new queue"
    • Start new queue consists in creating a brand new waiting list that will automatically gather a team for your, this option is recommended for players who don't have a party or a pre made team.
    • Join queue consists in adding yourself to an alreadt existing waiting list that will automatically gather a team for you.
      • Once the minimum player requirement is fulfilled, all players queued will be teleported inside the dungeon.
  • Join as Party
    • Join as Party Consists in joining as a party by selecting "start new queue".
      • If the players in your party meets the minimum player requirement, all players in the party will be insntalty teleported inside the dungeon.

Note: This method can only be used by the party leader.



A team dungeon is divided into 3 different stages, unlike solo dungeons, these sort of dungeons are focused on a more risky and challenging fight against powerful creatures and bosses.

Stage one: Killing zone.

This stage consists in killing all the existing monsters in the surroundings (monsters won't respawn).

Stage two: Mini-bosses area.

After all monsters in the first stage are killed, the team will be teleported to the next area with less but more powerful monsters. You need to kill all of them in order to proceed to the final stage.

Stage three: Boss room

When all monsters from the previous stage were killed, the whole team will be teleported inside the boss room. The boss is the most powerful creature of the dungeon. Killing it will teleport the entire party to the reward room.

Lives and Team Lives threshold

Unlikely solo dungeons, if you die inside of a team dungeon, you will not be expelled from it. There is a limited amount of times that the team can die before it's kicked out from it.

The party can die up to eight times (total deaths, not individual). [are there individual lives? "YES"]

Requirements Per Dungeon